Pakistan's First P2P Crowd Shipping Application
Startup name
Web address
Founding date
July 2016
Total team member
Startup stage
Transport & automotive
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

Elevator pitch

Travoney is a facilitation platform for travelers and senders for fast and secure deliveries. Our protocols and measures ensure on-time deliveries through a network of trusted travelers. Our P2P model takes half the time it requires courier companies to deliver urgent deliveries, making us a go-to choice for millennials.


Raza Ur-Rahman

I am a go-getter, at the age of 8, I started my first business of running a 'Book Cafe.' A concept which was unheard of at that time in Pakistan. Since then I haven't looked back and have launched ventures such as, Travoney, and a full digital service agency PotDrum Digital.

Muhammad Saad Iqbal

I am a Petroleum Engineer, working as a field engineer in oil & gas and there is a lot of travelling to do. I was constantly asked to bring back and forth pieces of baggage of my mates in the oil field. Soon I realized people can benefit from a low cost economy sharing model - thus Travoney.

Business model

Target customer

Millennials, Smartphone Users, Frequent Travellers

Customer acquisition strategy

Press Release, Digital Marketing, Partnerships, Promotions & Forums

Revenue model

Currently, we are not following any revenue channel because we are focused on traction and a maximum number of downloads. However, for next year we plan to roll out our In-App Purchases, which include features - Promoted Postings, Trusted Badge, Insurance. Furthermore, Pro Version, advertisement on the application, commission on the scouting model and insurance purchased through Travoney.

Market info

Market size

$ 300,000,000


There are several dozen indirect competitors such as TCS, Blue Ex, Leopard Courier, OCS among others. However, none of them are working in the P2P crowd shipping space. They are focused on traditional courier express and parcel (CEP), corporate business and international couriers. None are using disruptive technology and an economic sharing model such as Travoney.


  • 3,000 Android Downloads
  • 2,000 Post Submissions
  • 2,500 Traveller Sign-ups
  • 1,000 Frequent Travellers
  • 550 P2P Deliveries

Startup traction

Travoney has done wonders in the space where indirect competitors are in the market for several decades. We have been able to rope in thousands of travellers to take fast and secure deliveries nationwide in Pakistan. Without any investment, we have raised a high bar. However, to go further and attract more senders we are finalizing a proposal with insurance companies and updating our app, which will include a scouting model where users can drop and pick parcels from our authorized shops. Thus saving everyone the hassle of agreeing to meet at a specific location.

Publication date: 10 October 2017