We are Tinder for Meetups & Gatherings

No more tedious plannings! Start the FUN, Anytime, Anywhere, Together.
Together is a social mobile-app, let you start new experiences with new people, On-Demand. You can swipe among the nearby gatherings, or create your own to find who are up to participate.
We have acquired 15,000 users organically in the last 6mo. With 30% Activation rate, our users are coordinating 600 gatherings per month.


Seyed Hamed Shams

I'm a product owner who is trying to create a Happier World using tech, since 2015. Building product that people love is what motivates me, thus Growth Hacking and Customer Development are the topics which I spend the most time on. In the meantime I'm an industrial eng student at Tehran Polytechnic.

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Last Update: 20.09.2018