We are Tinder of Meetups

We are going to let you have fun in an On-Demand way, anytime, anywhere, together. Together is a location-based social app, which let you discover the nearby gatherings. You can swipe among the nearby meetups or create your own to find who wanna join you.

We have acquired 20,000 users organically in the last 6 months. With 35% Activation rate, the users are coordinating 1,200 gatherings/mo.


Seyed Hamed Shams

I'm a product owner who is trying to create a Happier World using tech, since 2015. Building product that people love is what motivates me, thus Growth Hacking and Customer Development are the topics which I spend the most time on. In the meantime I'm an industrial eng student at Tehran Polytechnic.

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Last Update: 19.10.2018