Customer loyalty program and mobile payment system
Startup name
Web address
Founding date
April 2016
Total team member
Startup stage
Enterprise, Consumer, Software
Financial & payment services, Mobile, Social entrepreneurship & Impact
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android), API, Server software (ie, databases)
Istanbul, Turkey

Elevator pitch

Tekkart is the easy-to-use, profitable, dynamic and innovative shopping system combining customer loyalty program, network marketing and mobile payment technology. We provide great cooperation among all the players on the market like customers, SMEs, entreprises and corporations while providing profits for all.


Kubilay Çil

I'm one of the co founder of Tekkart. I'm graduated from department of business at Marmara University.

Yasemin Çil

I graduated from Marmara Unıversity. I worked at human resource departments. I have experience of 10 years at network marketing.

Servet Cesaretli

I have worked in aviation ındustry and technology for 25 years. I was in different research and development project in aviation in Turkey and abroad.

Ali Işık

I have had my own business for 25 years on Computer software and hardware.

Mert Aksu

I graduated from department of Software development at Fatih University. I have been working in software development.

Business model

Target customer

All daily shopping customers, SMEs, entreprises and corporations.

Customer acquisition strategy

Entrepreneurs, SMEs and corporations can register customers.

Revenue model

Every transaction at daily shoppings are our revenue source. Additionally Commerce, licencing, subscription and transaction processing are also our other revenue models.

Market info

Market size

$ 4,000,000,000



Hopi and is a shopping system. But They are similar ones but not the same.


  • 410 Member SME
  • 38,168 Members

Startup traction

Tekkart brings together customers and member SMEs and provides profits for both side and for us.

Other information

Tekkart is an research and development project approved by government. So it continues to its development in the Yıldız Technical University Technopark.

Publication date: 03 October 2017