We train and connect top talent to opportunities
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Founding date
November 2016
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Education, Enterprise software
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Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

Elevator pitch

We train top tech talent from emerging countries through a boot-camp style program and remotely connect it to global opportunities on a staffing basis. With the current tech talent shortage in tech hubs around the world, especially in the US, hiring top talent is becoming harder day by day. Using our solution, not only can businesses hire top talent, but they can do so at a reasonable price point.


Sohaib Ishtiaq Malik

An entrepreneur, engineer, maker and change agent, motivated to change the face of technology in emerging countries. I have a commitment to giving opportunities to top talent in emerging countries. My past experience in startups, my skills & persistence will help me to successfully grow my startup

Business model

Target customer

US companies looking for full time developers

Customer acquisition strategy

Direct B2B via remote job sites, Website Sales, Affiliates, Inbound

Revenue model

Monthly Subscription model, based on an all-inclusive single price, by charging $x,xxx per developer per month.

The price includes the developer working full-time, as well as the developer's access to a latest gen. Macbook, learning tools and resources, limited software and other perks.

Market info

Market size

$ 13,500,000,000



We have 3 types of competitors-
i. Cheap Freelancing Sites - Freelancer, Fiverr etc.
ii. High quality, High price sites - Gigster, Toptal etc.
iii. Similar boot-camp style offerings - Andela

Cheap freelancing sites aren't high quality, whereas high quality freelancing sites (like toptal) often charge upwards of $200/hr. Similar boot-camp model programs exist, but they alone can not capture the whole market. Also in comparison we offer our developers the ability to earn a Masters in CS.


  • 5,000 Monthly Recurring Revenue (USD)

Startup traction

We currently have around $5-8k MRR that we use to sustain our office and team.

Other information

Attended Draper University in Fall 2016

Publication date: 12 October 2017