StupidApp is the social network for challenges
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August 2017
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Social media
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Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Marrakesh, Marrakesh-Safi, Morocco

Elevator pitch

Stupidapp is the social network for challenges. An amazing mobile app that generates everyday a challenge, and that gives you the possibilty to challenge your friends and family who will challenge you in return. Users started making challenges, when we reach out 50.000 users, we will start The Brands Challenges. Some Brands are willing to pay so as set up challenges using their names.


Mansour Mellali

Mansour is a business student who decided to leave the school for one year so as he can create his own startup because he loves entrepreneurship. A national debater, a president of a professional club at ENCG Settat who loves sharing crazy moments with people. A student known for his hard work.

Business model

Target customer

Youth between 13-25 years old.

Customer acquisition strategy

Celebrity Marketing. We realized a video with professional actors.

Revenue model

We will give the opportunity to the brands to set up challenges on our app. Drink a bottle (1L) of Coca Cola without breathing. as an example. Brands are ready to pay for it. So we think that with 50.000 users, we can ake them pay at least 20 000$ for the challenge. And we are willing to make a brand challenge once a week. That's why we need an amazing team that will work on partnerships with brands.

Market info

Market size

$ 20,000



Adults are joining Facebook, and as youth, we don't real like their presence, we feel embarrased.That's why Snapchat was the alternative for us, but 95% of its users find out that the stories shared by their friends are useless.They don't contain special themes. The stories on Snapchat have no meaning. So we wanted to give it a value, a special content, we believe that its challenges.Especially when we know that Stupidapp is similar to Dare or Truth, and that's a game the entire world played it.


  • 49 Stars on Playstore
  • 97 Positive comments on Playstore

Startup traction

We launched Stupidapp 5 days ago : Today we have 500 Users, and the number is growing everyday.
We made a Professional video with well known actors who have more than 700.000 Followers on Instagram. We didn't launch it yet. We believe that we're going to reach more than 30.000 Users after the launch of the video.

Other information

Microsoft is ready to help us if we reach out 50.000 users since our mentor is Mr. Samir Benmakhlouf the director of Microsoft in Morocco.

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We have an amazing team, we can make great things. Our Startup is growing so quickly, we believe that investors would love to join our adventure.

Publication date: 30 September 2017