SevgiliBebek is an early education web platform.
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Founding date
January 2013
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Istanbul, Turkey

Elevator pitch

SevgiliBebek is a web platform offering early education products and services. We accomplish that in 2 ways: 1. By selling our "Zeka Kartları" product line on our website, 2. By providing relevant and scientific information about parenting and early education on our website. Our aim is to provide every parent the means to give their child affordable early education.


Fatma Nur Olcay

Istanbul Erkek Lisesi and ODTÜ (METU) grad. 35 years of active work experience, including 27 years of administrative experience. Driven and business-minded individual with an affinity for new and original ideas.

Alper Olcay

Robert College, UIUC and Cornell graduate. 3 years of work experience, all in SevgiliBebek. Pragmatic engineer with systems exp.

Business model

Target customer

Parents with children between the ages of 0-9

Customer acquisition strategy

Informing parents about the benefits of early education.

Revenue model

Our revenue model is to sell our early education flash cards and other early education materials on our website, as well as import and export.

Market info

Market size

$ 220,000,000



Our competitors are the companies in Turkey who also provide flash-cards or related early education products. SevgiliBebek is the first company in Turkey to produce early education products in accordance to right brain education methods. Therefore SevgiliBebek has more experience in early education compared to competitors. In addition, SevgiliBebek works in close partnership with one of the top printworks in Turkey which allows it to produce products of better quality for a fraction of the money


  • 850,000 Total Revenue
  • 40,000 Individual Orders

Startup traction

Our company is a revenue generating company in need of investing to grow and provide more/better early education products.

Publication date: 15 October 2017