Refugee Big Data Analytics Startup
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Founding date
April 2017
Total team member
Startup stage
Enterprise, Consumer, Software
Social entrepreneurship & Impact
Product usage or interact
Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Ankara, Turkey

Elevator pitch

Q Zenobia is a mobile application that runs as a "refugee hub", based on Refugee Big Data analytics. With Q Zenobia, refugees can submit their data to the application via "questionnaire" and search for opportunities such as verified news, refugee portal, jobs and registrations in the host country.


Berat Kjamili

Studies METU Economics. Founded International Student Association and hosted UN program. Completed Endeavor Entrepreneurship program. In 2016, earned full scholarship at University of San Diego, Leadership program in USA. In 2017, became and worked as associate coordinator at the leadership program.

Kerem Ayyıldız

METU Mechanical Engineering, senior student. Worked as intern at TAI and TOSFED supervision. Member of the bicycle team supervisory board for two terms.

Ali Alp Ustun

He graduated from Bilkent Electric Electronics. He studies master degree in electrical engineering at University of Southern California in the USA. He has worked as intern at Aselsan, Umram and UNAM Institute of Materials Science and Nanotechnology.

Meral Melda Akalin

Graduated METU Philosophy, Anadolu University Public Relations department and Anadolu University Media and Communication. President of the Fine Arts Society for two and a half years. Exhibition curator.

Business model

Target customer

Banks, International & Regional Organizations, NGO's, Businesses.

Customer acquisition strategy

Providing "verified news on refugee/migrant" topics.

Revenue model

Big Data Analytics Reports: Based on “Per question price and number of submission price”

Market info

Market size

$ 40,000,000,000


Market Research firms can collect data as well as big players; however, they are not working with refugee pollsters and they collect field data which is offline. We developed an application which we will be able to collect data for refugees on online. They also do not do big data analytics. Market research companies cannot collect data for refugees since refugees do not trust.

Our team have been already working on migrants for 6 years in Turkey which gives us trust.


  • 2,500 Big Data Revenue
  • 500 Focus Group Studies: Exhibition
  • 500 Amazon Web Services
  • 5,000 Early Investment

Startup traction

- Our Founder, Berat Kjamili has completed the coordinator role at the Summer Leadership Institute at the University of San Diego, Hansen. He organized social entrepreneurship competition. He provided mentorship to students' startups and received mentorship back from USD mentors for QZenobia's developments.

- Started collecting data for refugees living conditions.

- Collaborated with Keçiören Municipality and UNV for the art event about awareness for refugees and Hatay Municipality for data collection of 10000 refugees.

Other information

- Entrepreneurs’ Organization Global Student Entrepreneur Awards Turkey winner. EO GSEA Turkey Finalist in Toronto, Canada.

- MIT Enterprise Forum “Innovate for Refugees” program finalist in Amman, Jordan.

- Selected in "Top 100 Startups" by TechAnkara Proje Pazarı 2017 by Ankara Development Agency, program supported by European Union and Turkey.

- ODTÜ Teknokent (Middle East Technical University Technopark) office award.

- In 2017, won mentor service on the pitching competition by Ankara Development Agency, program financed by European Union and Turkey . WINNING TEAM
*Competition organized by IKG Pro & Ankara Development Agency & ÇSGB T.C. Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

- In 2016, received mentorship and certificate of achievement at University of San Diego, Social Entrepreneurship Workshop. Launched QZenobia with Hansen Summer Institute, Apple, USD, Nextivity and business people of

Publication date: 11 February 2018