Providing solutions for end-user & restaurants
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Founding date
March 2014
Total team member
Startup stage
Paying users
Enterprise, Hardware, Software
Enterprise software, Financial & payment services, Food & nutrition
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android), API, Server software (ie, databases), Hardware-wearable, Hardware-non-wearable
Ankara, Turkey

Elevator pitch

The greatest problem of people is waste of time and we provide solutions about restaurants, bars, pubs and alike enterprises by removing the waiter, checkout waiting processes which consume a lot of time. By widening the usage of Mosyo application, we also brought solutions for automation systems such as stock, sale, current, accounting and tracking


Fatih Tan

I was born in 1988, Ankara Altındağ. After I completed my high school education, I graduated from Eskişehir Anadolu University. Starting from 2014, I have brought Mosyo idea in action.

Business model

Target customer

Restaurant, cafe, bar and their customers

Customer acquisition strategy

Widen marketing network and increase subscribed enterprise and custome

Revenue model

1. Subscription type payment from enterprises
2. Payment options processing income
3. Provide hardware solutions to enterprises
4. Advertisement strategies

Market info

Market size

$ 1,000,000,000


ROP : developed a software which keeps log of sales, stock, current processes in background.
HesapAl: developed a software that you can just give orders on mobile platform
Menulux: software for restaurants, which keeps log of sales, stock, current processes in background.
Multinet & Sodexo are competitors only for payment methods.
According to FortuneTurkey; total market size for payment methods is 4.500.000.000 TL


  • 50 Monthly Sales
  • 50 Monthly Sales Growth (%)
  • 80 Task Completion Ratio (%)
  • 50 Monthly New Customer Sale
  • 100 Customer Ratio Who Keeps Using (%)
  • 500 Monthly Website Traffic

Startup traction

Mosyo runs their strong production and sales teams in both foreground and background, focusing on increasing their production and finance graphs

Currently there are 50 new customers per month, which is a 50% growth compared to previous sales. All of our customers continue using our service, which is a 100% retention.

Our software development team is using agile methodology and have at least 80% task completion ratio in Sprints.

Mosyo website has 500 unique visitors every month.

Other information

Fatih TAN, who is the founder of Mosyo company, handled the expenses from his other companies' income and Mosyo license sales.

Publication date: 04 October 2017