Light Up The Web

Web Information discovery and management platform
Startup name
Light Up The Web
Founding date
March 2017
Total team member
Startup stage
Consumer, Software
Communications & media, Social media
Product usage or interact
Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, India

Elevator pitch

Web users are suffering from information overload, and are showing an appetite for condensed content that is useful. Today, manual skimming of information and wisdom of crowd concepts are used to explore relevant content. Our platform enables knowledge workers to carry out search (with Google integration), collaborative research, semantic content filtering, organizing, sharing and much more.


Venkk Sastry

Venkk Sastry is an entrepreneur and a technologist based out of India. He is working on the intersection of technology and the world of personal empowerment. Human potential is his passion, and he enjoys building teams that leverage collective creativity.

Aravindan Srinivasan

Aravindan is a seasoned independent Data Science professional with proven expertise in scoping, solutioning and delivery of Analytics based Consulting assignments. He is currently passionate about Light Up the Web and serves as the Chief Marketing Officer.

Business model

Target customer

Researchers/ learners, Students and knowledge workers

Customer acquisition strategy

Targeted Campaigns, Social Media, Community Forums and Roadshows

Revenue model

Advertisements – Features and Promotions
Freemium subscriptions to the platform. Users pay for certain advanced features that enable enhanced productivity and save time.

Market info

Market size

$ 50,000,000


Our lookalike competitors are certain online tools like Diigo, Liner, Weava which provide tools such as personal highlighter , organizer, annotator, etc. These platforms enable better online information management and personal bookmarking of relevant content. These tools are not integrated with Google and do not address the issue of information overload. Our platform seeks to complement Google by allowing seamless searches on highlighted content thereby making information discovery more useful.

Startup traction

The product is still in prototype phase. Based on our assessment through discussions with academia, researchers, journalists, other knowledge workers, we sense a reasonable demand for the product. There is also Google integration, meaning when you perform a Google search the extension overlays search results from the highlighted content of Light Up The Web database. There is no separate search required it comes as an integrated experience. The scope and application of the product involve sharing and crowdsourcing as well, that makes it a commendable solution to information overload issue.

Publication date: 12 October 2017