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Founding date
January 2017
Total team member
Startup stage
Communications & media
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Lewes, Delaware, United States

Elevator pitch

Fosefi is a B2B marketplace for Tv Film Video Industry, will be used for trading original VOD contents online and globally. Fosefi also offers localization, delivery and integration services in-house to maximize time savings. To even get faster Fosefi team is also working on the fastest content marketing channel thanks to technologies like AI and Machine Learning.


Serhan Yildirim

Entrepreneur, Serial Founder, Passionate Content Creator, 5 Years In Media Business, 8 Years In Entrepreneurship

Business model

Target customer

VODs (Netflix, Itunes etc.), Cable Tv Networks, Content Creators

Customer acquisition strategy

Physical Markets(MipTv, VidCon), Festivals (Toronto, Berlin), Online

Revenue model

Commissions, In-app Services such as localization(Dub, Subtitles etc.), delivery and integration, Video Production.

Fosefi is dedicated to changing trading habits of a huge industry. Considering that it won't be happen from day to night, reaching customers from old school places such as physical markets (VidCon,MipTv, Natpe) and festivals (Berlin, Cannes) is also important as much as using new methods such as creating partnership with startups such as and FilmIndependent.

Market info

Market size

$ 300,000,000,000



Kinonation: Is a smart application platform where you can apply to ("only") VODs from all around the world with your content(s). Includes a scoring algorithm.

Trx: Is an online distributor for Tv and VOD contents.

Fosefi: Is an online marketplace/distributor for VOD&Tv contents with direct application feature, also offers special solutions to Youtubers and other class C creators, Includes fastest marketing channel and recommendations thx to techlonogies like AI and Machine Learning!


  • 40 Buyers
  • 450 Contents

Startup traction

We have already attended to MipTv Content Market, have reached around 200+ potential customers, made 65 verbal agreements.

Other information

People demand video more and more everyday! Nowadays content is the king. And since production technology and tools got cheaper, high quality contents are everywhere. But those contents don't know how to reach their potential and and how to maximize their revenue. Fosefi creates a worm hole between creators and buyers.

We have created a great team thanks to Etohum mafia.
NFP is completed, Mvp in 45 days.
We have built important partnerships with Saran Holding, Erlab Media Tech., Etohum, Kuveyt Turk Bank and Workinton.

We had over than 150 meetings this year with people and companies from the industry, We have also attended to markets such as MipTv. In this time we as Fosefi team also gave consultancy to production companies. Being in touch with distributors, media executives, youtubers and crews helped us to know more about insights of the industry. Following the news from competitors made us more about the way of business. All those experiences allowed us to validate!

Publication date: 10 October 2017