Eygert Technologies

Now shop online in the store without queuing.
Startup name
Eygert Technologies
Web address
Founding date
July 2017
Total team member
Startup stage
Software, Hardware
Enterprise software, Financial & payment services, Mobile
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Kochi, Kerala, India

Elevator pitch

At Eygert Tech we are revolutionizing retail shopping by eliminating queuing. Long queues are a major problem that has been bugging shoppers for centuries. Our technology will help shoppers to shop online in the store and skip the queue as well as help them find stuff hassle free while retailers get a robust and secure system to eliminate shrinkage.


Althaf Jahangeer

Idealist and a disruptive thinker who believes that once ideals can bring a change in others.

Muhammed Azhar

Got hooked to programming from early age. From Basic to C and now swift and Java. Dabbled on all kinds of frontiers in programming like embedded, mobile, computer vision and windows applications, Jack of all trades and master of none. Passionate to study more and master every frontier

Mohamed Shiras

A passionate guy who loves marketing and business. I am a constant learner and interested to implement new ideals. I believe in hard-work and sincerity which should be backed by good character and discipline.

Business model

Target customer

Shoppers, Retail & Brands

Customer acquisition strategy

massive marketing through retail brands, referral and cashback offers.

Revenue model

Our application is available for a price of zero to all retailers and retailers can get premium features like customer validation, purchase analysis and prediction as well as product mapping for a price of $300 per month.
2% will be charged per user as a service charge during the transaction.
Product brands can advertise to their target market for a certain amount based on the Ad packege.

Market info

Market size

$ 120,000,000,000



Selfycart is mobile-checkout enabled POS system situated in America. Though they provide mobile checkouts without security integration.

Mishipay is a start-up based in London which has a product similar to us, they use a cloud based system which is less flexible for retailers as the security is controlled by mishipay.

Startup traction

Major retailers like Fbb and Fabindia have shown interest in us. We are now in talks with Lulu Group who is a major retail brand in asia. Kochi metro rail limited, who run metro rail at our home town showed interest in our proposal to add self-checkout at their dedicated stations for their next update. We are looking forward to launching our product by the end of this year through one of the major retail brands like Lulu or Fbb.

Other information

We have been selected as the finalists for Indian startup league, the finals will be held on May 2018.

Publication date: 14 September 2017