We make multipurpose ecofriendly paper using waste
Startup name
Founding date
May 2016
Total team member
Startup stage
Consumer, Hardware
Social entrepreneurship & Impact, Cleantech
Product usage or interact
Hardware-non-wearable, Hardware-wearable
Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Elevator pitch

We're redefining the meaning of waste by using it for a better & liveable tomorrow. We utilize industrial waste, sugar cane pulp, thrown tetra packs & similar leftovers to produce eco-friendly paper which is biodegradable & acid-free in nature. It’s highly absorptive and rich-in-textures & capable of tie-&-dye. Because we don't wish to see the trees in our museums.


Kiran Zafar

I always believed that a good name is better than riches & for a reason Thoughts and Imaginations were always riveting and they felt as natural to me as breathing. I was mocked for my idea of using waste as raw material But my passion led me to this soul-satisfying venture of mine; Warq-Al-Qadeem.

Omer Zafar

I am a Mechanical engineer-to-be. Allow me to venture out and introduce myself in a non-traditional way. I was once asked to write the chapter title/headings of the book of “my passion” – if such a book were written. The title was supposed to be War-Al-Qadeem.

Javeria Badar Khan

I was born and raised in Pakistan. I have done Masters in Business Analysis. I believe the key to occupational happiness is to first figure out what you’re passionate about and then find a job that matches this passion. My passion for social entrepreneurship took me to Warq-Al-Qadeem.

Muzaffar Hussain

I have done MBA in Finance and later my passion turned me into an artist.I strive to make beautiful art pieces. There is no implied complex meaning or desire to use garbage as raw material. This thought compelled me to be a part of Warq-Al-Qadeem & I want to pull the viewer into the world I create.

Muawwar Hussain

My name is Munawwar Hussain, and I consider myself to be an entrepreneur. I think my parents have other names for it, but I’ll go with entrepreneur. Coming out of college with a degree in MBA-marketing, I didn't had an opportunity to change directions,I finally grab it after meeting Warq-Al-Qadeem.

Business model

Target customer

Education sector, Corporations & catch-up-all category

Customer acquisition strategy

Mainly through online sales, workshops, expo's & exhibitions .

Revenue model

Prepaid sales through online as well as partners with home decor & stationary stores in additional to the corporate segment.
We buy raw material in bulk, get it done through the skilled vendors and sell it in the market.

Market info

Market size

$ 100,000,000



Kaghaz-k-karnamy they are using Paper Mache technique which also involve the reusing of old paper but fortunately we are recycling paper along with other vegetal waste such as banana tree bark, sugar cane waste, tetra packs etc. There is no such involvement of chemicals in our products. All the process is carried out in natural atmosphere.


  • 0 Pre-commercial launch sales

Startup traction

We launched our prototype and managed to sell custom products of worth US$ 10,000 to various individuals and corporations in Pakistan.

Other information

• Received a certificate of appreciation and Innovation award from SATHA Summit convention held at Punjab National University for developing papers from trash 8th-9th March 2017.
• Shortlisted in 25 teams on National level at Hult Prize 2k17 hosted in National incubation Center 4th-5th January, 2017.
• Got 2nd position in National University of Sciences & Technology in Dice Invent an entrepreneurial event, 21-22nd Dec, 2016.
• Shortlisted in top 10 Startup at Erupt, 22-23 November 2016.
• Secured 1st Position In Entrepreneurship Competition Held at University of Manangment and Technology May 19, 2016.

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We're seeking funds to launch in the commercial segment. Funds will be spent mostly on gathering raw material and customers acquisition.

Publication date: 15 October 2017