Viravira is an online yacht rental platform.
Startup name
Founding date
January 2017
Total team member
Startup stage
Paying users
E-commerce & online marketplaces
Product usage or interact
Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (iOS)
Istanbul, Turkey

Elevator pitch

Viravira is an online yacht rental aggregator that offers thousands of yachts from different sources to end users and tour operators.


Emre Kucukozkan

Having graduated from İstanbul Technical University Mining Engineering in 2012 and receiving his graduate degrees from EADA in Business Management and EDHEC in Finance, Emre worked at the corporate finance and project finance departments of various investment banks and holding companies.

Baran Yıldırım

Having received his undergraduate degree in statistics from METU in 2006 and graduate degree in mathematical finance from LSE, Baran, has worked at investment banks, management consulting firms and real sector companies, holding various positions from executive level to board membership.

Aysin Şeker

After graduating from Istanbul University Arabic Language and Literature Department in 2016, she was awarded with the KOSGEB Entrepreneurship Certificate in the same year with her start-up project. Aysin is currently continuing her education in digital marketing. She was born in Istanbul in 1993.

Business model

Target customer

White collars who are between 25 and 55 years old

Customer acquisition strategy

Tour operators, social media, loyalty platforms, leading corporations

Revenue model

Viravira receives 20% service fee for the approved bookings from the yacht owners.

Market info

Market size

$ 3,500,000,000



This business model exists almost in all the European countries in the Mediterranean except for Turkey. After a rigorous development process, we have achieved to develop a product in which we take the strengths of the best practices in the world and which is fully seated in the local market. Eventually, in terms of functionality, one of the most sophisticated yacht rental platforms has emerged. Viravira is the only platform globally which has daily and hourly rental options on the same platform.


  • 20 User

Startup traction

As we operate in a highly seasonal market, we do not track monthly growth but we will track yearly growth going forward. To give an idea, our visitor number has increased with an average growth rate of 20% since the beginning of 2017.

Publication date: 02 October 2017