Vidmass is a SaaS that helps SMEs to produce video
Startup name
Web address
Founding date
November 2016
Total team member
Startup stage
Enterprise, Consumer
Music & entertainment
Product usage or interact
Server software (ie, databases)
Gaza, Palestine

Elevator pitch

1- Vidmass is a SaaS business that helps SMEs and enterprises produce marketing video content for social media channels and websites using customizable video and graphics templates. Clients upload their own text, images, logos, and then the templates produce eye catching video overlays in minutes.


Abdulhameid Akfayoumi

Six years ago, I created my first startup. With no previous experience in business, my startup failed within 9 months. Today Vidmass is my fourth startup and my second successful one. In addition to my experience in building businesses, I worked as a team leader and manager for two Saudi companies.

Mohammed Abul Alqomboz

Atallah Quaider

Highly skilled and experienced full stack developer with expertise in systems analysis, Website design and database integration.

Ahmad Alshareef

I am working as BackEnd software engineer, Worked with multinational company on high-tech projects, Have many open source contributions, worked as TA at the computer engineer department.

Business model

Target customer

SMEs and enterprises in MENA, Who need in investing video content

Customer acquisition strategy

Local partnership, Inbound marketing and SEM.

Revenue model

Vidmass’s revenue model (SaaS business) is based on teaser pay-per-video pricing, monthly/annual subscriptions, in addition to having customized packages for enterprise clients.

Market info

Market size

$ 1,500,000



Customers are paying for simplicity and low cost that VidMass delivers as opposed to traditional video production process. We make it possible for our customers. .In addition To supporting Arabic localisation in Language and culture


  • 300,000,000 MENA daily video view for YouTube
  • 30 SME Customer in the first month
  • 40,000,000,000 Digital ads market size in the MENA

Startup traction

We understand that video is very important in the MENA region, with 300M daily video views. Not only that, 80% of users recall ads after watching a video. These elements create a huge market of 4B dollars a year. However, businesses don't make use of this because videos cost a lot in time and money

Publication date: 28 September 2017