Turn App

Turn App lets you find a party near you
Startup name
Turn App
Founding date
August 2015
Total team member
Startup stage
Mobile, Music & entertainment, Social media, Virtual reality
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (Android), Server software (ie, databases)
Nairobi, Nairobi Province, KE

Elevator pitch

Turn App lets you Find a Party Near You. Turn App lets you create events, manage them and sell your own tickets. You can interact with other users socially and upload event experiences to Events you attended. You can RSVP to events, invite close friends, access directions, request a taxi & purchase tickets plus a magnitude of other features all for FREE


Edward Okoth

I am just a guy that believes he can make a great impact in the world through tech

Harry Odhiambo

I founded Turn App with my best friend and I believe that our product will revolutionize the world.

Patrice Andala

I am a student programmer. I have taught myself a lot of programming outside school and I am very passionate about creating great technology

Business model

Target customer

1. Our Agents. 2. Event organizers. 3. Event Attendees

Customer acquisition strategy

Discounted Ticket sales. In App user Rewards & discounts

Revenue model

Turn App will earn revenue through
1. Turn App charges a 7% commission on ticket sales revenue from directly acquired Events.
2. Our Agents also acquire businesses to sell tickets on Turn App and earn 5% commission on ticket sales revenue. Turn App keeps the remaining 2%
3. Charges on In App Event promotion.
4. Ad Revenue from sponsored Targeted Ads on our feed.
5. Partnerships with major events.
6. Subscription & Pay per view charges on Virtual Reality Shared Experiences

Market info

Market size

$ 10,000,000,000



We have no real competition. Turn App is creating a whole new monopoly in the Global Events Industry. However other platforms such as Eventbrite and Ticket master sell tickets to events like we do. Facebook,Snapchat & You tube are user generated social media platforms as is Turn App. Next VR uploads virtual reality content for users. Turn App VR content will be majorly user generated. Turn App is an agglomeration of features to service our target customer in the best possible way, a Super App.


  • 3,000 Users
  • 0 Monthly advertising costs (USD)

Startup traction

Turn App has about 3000 users.Turn App has not marketed its product. Through our early adopters we have been working to optimize the product. We intend to initially target a very niche customer group, small event organizers (200 or less attendees) & the numerous informal events that do not make up part of the traditional events market. This includes house parties, club nights, private parties, invite only events & campus events. We believe this is the gap in the market that will allow us to coalesce a whole new market where we are the monopoly. This also allows us to avoid competition with existing players. The small but unique initial target market will be leveraged to create strong and lasting brand loyalty. The service is subject to intense network effects due to features such as Cliques & Live Feed. This not only allows virality in event discovery but also in user acquisition.Our earliest adopters & core customer is the small event organizing business. A Global untapped market.

Other information

We received a $40,000 grant from 'FbStart' Facebook's incubator.
We have also been accepted into faster capital. A Dubai based virtual accelerator.
We have also been selected among 100 start ups globally to attend the Start Up Istanbul competition happening this October.

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Every millennial worldwide understands the term Turn Up. Turn App is a product the world needs. Millions of events happen everyday. Not all are necessarily commercial. These small events need an affordable platform to advertise themselves. Turn App is a free platform that provides them with so much value. At Turn App we believe an Event occurs when two or more people come together and engage in an activity together. Anything can be an Event. We believe Every moment in life is an event that deserves to be captured and relived Forever!

Publication date: 14 September 2017