Medical Directory and Appointment Platform
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August 2017
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Health & wellbeing
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Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android), Server software (ie, databases)
Rabat, Rabat, Rabat-Sale-Kenitra, Morocco

Elevator pitch

In Morocco, millions of people look for doctors every single day. Looking for doctors in Morocco is done by asking family members and friends, there is no centralized resource to look into. is not only an online directory for doctors, clinics, and pharmacies, but also a platform to book online appointments, learn about health, and manage patients' records and private practice offices.


Kaiss Bouali

A computer engineer with a passion of entrepreneurship. I started coding since the age of 12, and started my first company when I was 17 years old. I am always thinking outside the box, and thrive for success and innovation.

Business model

Target customer

Doctors, clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, fitness centers, SPAs, etc...

Customer acquisition strategy

Through resellers, hiring sales reps in every city, earning comissions

Revenue model

Subscription based revenue model

Market info

Market size

$ 4,365,087,480



They lack information and credibility. A lot of patients have made an appointment online through this site only to realize that the doctor in question is not aware of the appointment. To be sure of the information, we took two appointments with two different doctors and we had the same result. Our added value will be credibility and accuracy. Also, DabaDoc is only for doctors, whereas Toubib is for doctors, clinics, pharmacies, fitness centers, SPAs, medical laboratories, and so on.


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Startup traction

Our plan is to use medical blog articles written by several doctors, to be published in our blog to help with the SEO of the website. Also we will create a YouTube channel to upload video interview with doctors, and use them as advertisement for our behalf. Selling subscriptions to doctors will be done using a reseller program, where we will hire several resellers in every city and every country that we are targeting. Resellers will earn huge commissions based on their performance, and our margin will still be high enough to make a profit. We started by a free program for the first 100 doctors until December 31st, and we already had 45 signups. Which means we will close the 100th deal before even closing the fiscal year. Following the same rhythm, we will be able to achieve 1000 doctors by the end of next year, which will yield us a gross revenue of $1 266 000

Other information

possible increase in equity with investment increasing.

Publication date: 17 November 2017