One stop shop for bus ticket bookings across India
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October 2016
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E-commerce & online marketplaces
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Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Jalandhar, Punjab, IN

Elevator pitch

One stop E-commerce store for ticket industry.
Tickethalt.com initiated with bus ticket booking having 10000+ Volvo/Mercedes/Scania/Isuzu type Buses covering 75000+ routes across India.
Easy 3 step booking,select your Seat of your choice,Women reserved seats for safety and E tickets to save paper.
Pre Bookings are allowed 75-90 days before the journey.
Easy payment modes are available.


Daman Kalra

My self Damanpreet singh kalra from Punjab,India.Mechanical Engineer turned into I.T engineer and developed a E-commerce portal for ticket Industry In India.

Business model

Target customer

Targeted customer is of 1.5 billion of strength.

Customer acquisition strategy

Easy 3 step bookings,Seats of your choice,Women reserved seats.

Revenue model

Direct commissions of up-to 15 % from operators for those who are internet friendly.
60% of 1.5 billion are internet friendly rest 40% are not internet friendly. India is expected to be digital by 2020 and we are focusing upon 40 % of population by setting Agent logins in Every city to get counter bookings via IVR technology and counter bookings in which we are sharing 70% of our margin to B2B services.

Market info

Market size

$ 233,881,650,000



Redbus.in was established in 2006 and deals in Buses and hotels
travelyaari was establishes in 2007 and dealing in Buses and hotel.
Our focus is not upon Buses but rails,airs,cinemas. Any kind of tickets can be purchased from tickethalt.com as no other company is focusing upon ticket industry.


  • 700,000 Sales
  • 142,356 Website Visitors
  • 60,000 Profit

Startup traction

From April 2017 to September 2017 We have gained traffic of 1,42,356 people .Out of which 25 % people are returning.We have achieved sales of Rs 0.7 million till date which is increasing rapidly with More than 1500 customers.
It is expected to chase the target of Rs 10 million by 2018 with more than 1 million visitors and 10000+ customers.
Agent logins are developed to shoot up the sales by the coming year as much as we can as 40 % people are still non- internet friendly and wants to deal in cash.
Application has been developed to shoot up the sales.
By the coming years if we would be able to integrate Rails,Airs, Hotels and cinemas. The above projections are going to touch 10 x by 2018.

Other information

*Head of entrepreneur cell in DAV colleges.
* Begged the Young entrepreneur prize from particular university.

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Application has been launched.
Agent logins are ready to Bring more revenue and capture the market.

Publication date: 08 October 2017