Audio Social Media Platform
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Founding date
August 2015
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Communications & media, Mobile, Music & entertainment, Social media
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Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Elevator pitch

SVARA is an Audio Social Media Platform. The Problem we are trying to solve is about the declining of Radio & Music business in the last 10 years, this happen cause of Disruption from OTT companies like Spotify. Our solution is called beyond disruption, start from doing Radio Digital Transformation using SVARA Platform. We have 2 business model, there is Radio Partnership (B2B) and Freemium (B2C)


Farid Fadhil Habibi

Graduated from Information System & Technology, ITB. Likes things related to technology. Also like new things, new places, meet new people. My hobbies are traveling and sports. My soul is full of dreams, optimism, energy, and tireless.

Mochamad Noerwana

Bachelor Degree from Padjadjaran University. Achievement in Music Industry: 8 Album, 33 Music Producer, 10 Award, 6 Platinum Award. Phlegmatic romantic - Positive thinking for positive result

Muhammad Irfan

Bachelor Degree from Information System & Technology, ITB. Lead SVARA Innovation & Technology Development.

Ismail Rahim

Hold Ph. D from University of Oklahoma, USA. Business Owner & Lead various Company, from e-Commerce, ICT Company, Nano Technology, and Trading with More Than IDR 500K B of Sales.

Hemat Dwi Nuryanto

Energetic and Visioner

Business model

Target customer

Radio Broadcasting, Radio Listener, Music Listener, Internet User

Customer acquisition strategy

Partnering with radio & music assctn (Captive Market: 75-90M Listener)

Revenue model

1. Radio Partnership (customer : radio broadcasting / B2B) : We give SVARA Platform to Radio Broadcasting, payment can be done by cash (money) or barter with spot airtime (airtime : radio on-air advertising)
2. Freemium (customer : radio listener, music listener, internet user / B2C): for Free User there will be ads inside, but for Premium User there are No ads

Market info

Market size

$ 45,000,000,000



Spotify only has Front-End technology, but SVARA not only has Front-End technology like Spotify has, but also Back-End technology called RISE / Radio Automation.
While actually have back-end and front-end technology, but its back-end technology is not for professional radio broadcasting, and the front-end technology of just has some feature than SVARA has.


  • 100,000 Radio Partnership
  • 20,000 Freemium

Startup traction

1. From Radio Partnership Business Model, we have 25K spot airtime with the value more than $100.000 per month.
2. From Freemium, SVARA apps hasn't launched yet, but we have more than 20.000 registered user.

Other information

- Winner of Research Grant on “Blockchain in Music” from Indonesian Research and Technology Ministry

Publication date: 29 September 2017