Soko Uganda

business ecosystem tool manager
Startup name
Soko Uganda
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Founding date
August 2017
Total team member
Startup stage
E-commerce & online marketplaces
Product usage or interact
Kampala District, Central Region, UG, Uganda

Elevator pitch

Soko Uganda meaning market provides an online platform for manufacturers and suppliers in Uganda to market and sell their goods or services online over the globe with a long term goal of having our presence in Uganda delivering a wide platform for recognized manufacturing brands at rock bottom prices they can hardly get from any retailer


Hillary Mbabazi

Am hardworking,ambitious entrepreneur who takes risks to change the society i live in for the the better and good of the community. practical business skills and computer skills from Makerere University

Business model

Target customer

manufacturers or producers,household,private sector,B2B

Customer acquisition strategy

content markeing,SEO,E-mail marketing,social media,Conversion rate

Revenue model

-transaction fee:every online purchase made a %charge is entitled
-marketing fee:additional features of extra priviledges of particular products on the platform we charge extra
-subscription fee:annual subscription is charged in the long run depending on size of the company
-delivery charges:after purchase,urgent deliveries and distance a cost is attached to the buyer or in case of after sales there is cost sharing

Market info

Market size

$ 2,777,778



jumia uganda is a direct competitor because it categories all the services we offer and is an e-commerce platform the only unique future that we bit them is categorization and specialization.our products are Ugandan manufactured and later extended to east African then africa. Jumia deals with any online sell of item on globe from Houses to jewelry and qwicart only in grocery.
another aspect why Soko is different it provides all aspects of negotiations,billing,chat with different parties


  • 1,400 e-mail listing
  • 3,000 social media

Startup traction

in a period of 3month we managed to get 3000 followers on our social media page,from the award from the private sector development awards as the best innovator in business and top nominee in the MTN innovation awards we raised an e-mail listing of over 1400 manufacturers,and our views on our prototype page increase daily to 1400 all in a short paper feeds on top papers in Uganda a week running talking about the business sector innovation Soko Uganda.
Soko Uganda is setting up a structured team that will help in the marketing processes and close gaps of other partnerships that are needed to aid the business like logistics

Other information

-private sector foundation development award winner in the category of Best SME innovation champion 2017.
-MTN innovation award 2017 top nominee

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we are team of different skills who are fighting hard to utilise each opportunity to put the vision to reality to build and e-commerce business(online store) that can favorably compete with international brands like Amazon

Publication date: 13 February 2018