Smart Labour

Smart platform to make blue-collar workers happier
Startup name
Smart Labour
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Founding date
May 2016
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Startup stage
Paying users
Enterprise, Consumer, Software
Education, Social entrepreneurship & Impact
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (Android), Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Server software (ie, databases)
Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Elevator pitch

There is an app for everything, where is the app for labourers and blue-collar workers? Smart Labour is the first educational app & platform to make labourers & blue-collar workers more educated, happier, smarter and productive.
We help organsiations with blue collar staff to improve their staff’s productivity via tailored educational content in multiple languages and through engangement


Abu Muadh

An IT professional & businessman who is passionate about using technology to bring smiles on millions of faces. Have over 18 years of experience in IT and have been involved in large-scale projects that involve getting the best out of technology and people.

Business model

Target customer

Blue collar workers & their employers in the UAE & Middle East

Customer acquisition strategy

Direct sales activities, events, social media marketing & events

Revenue model

1. Subscription model per user per year to access custom content and features
2. Sponsorship from organisations CSR programs
3. Service charges from our forthcoming reward store (Balash)
4. Grants from organsiations who believe in social entrepreneurship e.g. Expo 2020 Live etc

Market info

Market size

$ 26,400,000



1. Competitors like NGO's & Social workers have great programs on the ground but lack technology to reach out to the masses to provide them with education and useful smart services
2. We also have niche offerings from the blue collar workers like for money exchange and insurance for example.
We still don't have a platform that caters to the educational needs of workers and provides a container for other type of services based on their specific needs


  • 50,000 Number of registered users
  • 97 % Of happiness

Startup traction

1. We have 13,500 users registered users so far. We have signed a 3 year contract with Dubai Taxi to Smart Enable 12,500 of their drivers. We have provided them with an educational platform and a customised rewards platform.
2. We have won many awards from reputed Governmental & Private organsiations
3. We won a grant of 100 K USD from the Expo 2020 team, and competed with 575 projects from 71 countries
4. We have a pipeline of organisations with over 10K workers who are keen to try Smart Labour
5. We are tracking happiness via the Dubai Smart Governments Happiness meter and currently we have over 97% of happiness
6. We have interest from a Government organsiation in the UAE responsible for innovation to track, document and bring out innovations amongst the blue collar worker community in their workplaces and accomodations
7. Relevant consulates and embassies have shown a keen interest in Smart Labour
8. We do activities in the labour camps and they love Smart Labour

Other information

1. We also got a grant of 100K $ from the Dubai Expo 2020 Innovation Impact Grant Program.
They did not take any equity from us.
2. I have invested 100K $ from my savings to start Smart Labour
We currently have the funds for 12 months with a healthy pipeline of potential customers

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We are very keen to network with partners from the telecom and other sections, who we can work with to add value to blue collar workers, whilst generating new revenue streams for our partners.
Smart enabling 52% of UAE’s current workforce will have a huge impact.
We deal in two currencies being a social enterprise. One is what I call the goodness currency, which drives the social impact and the financial currency that drives the business. Smart Labour’s primary currency is The goodness currency
o We also want to collect data about workers & provide a 360% view of the blue collar workforce and be able to provide deep insights and also predictive analytics that can help tremendously in the areas of health & safety, well being & workforce planning for e.g. we want to be able to alert the central office of a taxi company in real time that a driver may have a heart attack to take immediate action and prevent an accident etc

Publication date: 12 October 2017