Smart Data Logger

Protect pharmaceutical shipments from end to end
Startup name
Smart Data Logger
Founding date
June 2017
Total team member
Startup stage
Hardware, Software
Supply Chain, Pharmecuetical
Product usage or interact
Server software (ie, databases), Hardware-wearable
Amman, Amman Governorate, Jordan

Elevator pitch

IoT-based data logger for real-time mentoring solution of temperature-sensitive shipments from end to end along with a platform connecting all supply chain of a shipment with their contact details. In case the temperature exceed the limits in any stage of the journey we will notify the in charge person at the operation field in real-time via SMS emails and calls for real-time action.


Mohammad Shakhatreh

Senior development manager at Royal Jordanian Airline. 12-Years experience in process, and supply chain development. Strong leadership skills and had led sections with around 170 employees. Lean Six Sigma Certified from USA and MBA from Finland. Natural entrepreneurial spirit with innovative mindset

Yehya Titi

Has worked in mechanics and electronics for much of his life. Experienced in development for Arduinos and Raspberry PI, extensive engineering know-how. Is mainly responsible for handling all hardware and hardware-interfacing software.

Business model

Target customer

Pharma CEOs , Logistic managers, Pharma Hospital cold storage managers

Customer acquisition strategy

Direct emails and meeting, Cold chain exhibition, LinkedIn, Twitter

Revenue model

The device will be for rental to share its cost and make it cheaper than the offline-single-use data logger that are widely used and the software will be provided as a service. Final source of revenue will be the charges of SMS, emails, and calls; this is outcome revenue model as these charges will save the customer huge losses.
Subscription (SaaS )
SMS/E-mail charges ( Outcome model )
Device rental ( 30 USD )
Monitoring and follow up service charges (Premium)

Market info

Market size

$ 320,000,000


We are focusing in connecting all the supply chain with their contact details in our platform with special focus on airports as 30% of damages occurred within airports during transit according to IATA. Royal Jordanian airline is our first partner and we already got all the contact details of the concerned sections at cargo terminal. All competitors provide the data for the device buyer which has no value if the device is not communicating with the in charge persons at the operation field.

Startup traction

We finalized our hardware and software MVP on 01 of Apr.
On Thursday 10 Apr will sell our first device and run a one month trail period with our first paying customer Bluet Express, a Jordanian cold chain courier provider in Jordan. They have 15 cold Trucks. After the test period they need 15 Devices for their Trucks and 10 Devices for their whorehouse.

Other information

First Place Winner at Umniah Hackathon Nov 2017
Semifinalist for MIT startup competition the final round will be 19 Apr 2018
Sponsored by Umniah to preset at Mobile World Congress at Barcelona
Received interest email from Nokia for partnership and ongoing negotiation
Incubated by Umniah incubation program The Tank by Umniah

Publication date: 11 April 2018