Securing applications to defeat bad boys !
Startup name
Founding date
September 2015
Total team member
Startup stage
Paying users
Cyber security, Social entrepreneurship & Impact
Product usage or interact
Server software (ie, databases)
Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Elevator pitch

SecurityWall is one of known cyber security startup, focused on applications security.

We are acknowledged by Adobe, eBay, Apple, Nokia, Microsoft, Sony, Yahoo, Facebook, RedHat, Zapya, Zomato, 100+ more tech giants for securing products from hackers attacks.

“Everyone is looking at digitalization but what about Digital Security”


Babar Khan

18 year old Hacker, acknowledged by Silicon Valley companies. Logical problem solver in terms of Cyber Security, looking forward to make this Cyber Space secure place for every user.

Hisham Mir

Young Guy Who loves to break Code Ethically, Eager to Make the Web Secure . Passionate about Finding Security Flaws When it comes to Web apps. Acknowledged by Many big giants Facebook , Twitter , Coinbase , Weebly and Many more , Never piled them up btw

Business model

Target customer

Startups, organizations, Companies, Developers, etc

Customer acquisition strategy

Blogposts, VolunteerReporting, SEO, Guest Speaking, Events,Conferences

Revenue model

startups and companies, covering application (web, mobile, CMS) This revenue model will work brilliantly in the market. an annual subscription based plan, paid monthly or quarterly.
We are focused on services, consultation, & training's to generate our revenue and cloud based product is in development stage

Market info

Market size

$ 1,000,000



Our Advantages over competitors:

Focus on Application and Business Logics.
Focused on Web,Mobile, Custom CMS Application
Streamlined consulting and vulnerability fixing.
Cost effective
Academic Training's
Quality of reports
Volunteer Reporting
Team of Young GUNS.

Startup traction

Govt. 60+ Web Applications Secured
Saved 1500hrs of Customers
Clients saved – 2000$ ( Average/Month )
Companies increased 35% sales after Testing
75% Top Brands are vulnerable to basic attacks

* Brands lost 18% users after breach take place

Other information

Finalist at StartupIstanbul 2015
Youngest Startup at StartupIstanbul
Finalist at 1776 National 2015
Runner Up at Global Student Entrepreneurs Awards 2017
Won CyberSecurePakistan Hacking Competition
Acknowledged by 100+ Companies

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When it comes to implementing information security solutions. Many years of experience and our clearly structured processes put us in a position to successfully undertake complex project proposals within the specified period of time.

Publication date: 21 August 2017