Rumbling Games

Upcoming game studio developing AAA Game
Startup name
Rumbling Games
Founding date
September 2016
Total team member
Startup stage
Video Game
Product usage or interact
Desktop, Hardware-non-wearable
Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Elevator pitch

Developing a high Quality AAA Game Titled "Knights of Light"
the project is quite ambitious since the production scale is large
we believe that we can achieve our goal with local resources
check out our current progress


Ahmed Fouad

CEO and Co-Founder of Rumbling Games Studio ,Rumbling Games Studio is upcoming Game studio In MENA region specialized on Development High Ended Quality Game

Business model

Target customer

World wide gamers at Platform Pc and Console [PlayStation ,xbox]

Customer acquisition strategy

Social media - games events -Game journalists and critics

Revenue model

How do you provide your services ? Through registering in official digital stores like (Sony / Steam / Xbox) and offering the product for sale to direct customers
Type of business model Premium model through direct product purchase

Market info

Market size

$ 2,366,000,000


  • 3 Games Events
  • 20,000 Facebook Followers
  • 16 Articles at Game Magazine

Startup traction

Our Product not ready for sale now we attend to release at at 2019 so we are Preparing our product for the
market by building a loyal
community around us
1-Attends games Events
2-Social Media Impact
3-Media impact

Other information

Our Game Studio have full support from Sony that approved our game studio and our game Title to be published at PlayStation
what kind off support that we will get ?
1-Free ads at Sony Social media Channels .
2-mail will be sent to all PlayStation users about new games
3-Our game will have spot and reviews from IGN Game critics cause we will release at PlayStation
4- Participation at Big event of Sony games PSX [All Hardcore gamers wait for this events to know what is new at PlayStation Store]

Publication date: 17 March 2018