A True Circular Economy - make wealth out of waste
Startup name
Founding date
March 2017
Total team member
Startup stage
Paying users
Enterprise, Consumer, Software
E-commerce & online marketplaces
Product usage or interact
Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Elevator pitch

Waste lying/generated on this planet is a huge valuable resource. We help our customers make wealth out of waste. We sell products made out of waste OR generating less waste. Customers who change their consumer behavior & buy on our portal, we provide good value for their segregated waste for cash credit at Recycle.Green. They can buy more against credit and join the circular economy of recycling.


Hardik Shah

Bachelor of Engg in Inst & Control. 19 years of experience in IT, CDCP. Grown from engineer to manager to head. Process expert with knowledge in ISO 9000, 14000, 18000, 20000, 27000, SixSigma. Worked with Petrochem, Petroleum, Utility, IT services & IT product organizations.Problem solver. Innovator

Chintal Shah

M Com and passionate about Yoga. Certified Yoga Instructor believing in Ayurved. Do work on healing health problems of people and promote healthy lifestyle. Wife of Hardik Shah (Founder) - always try to involve and know the ideas, support at times to nurture and keep a check to avoid failures.

Business model

Target customer

Corporates, Enterprises, Industries, Hotels, Hospitals, Individuals

Customer acquisition strategy

Digital Marketing for Individuals, F2F, demos to big institutes

Revenue model

Ecommerce trading model. Customer puts order on ecommerce website. Backend order is put to suppliers & vendors. Payment is received in InnovateGreen's bank account. Payment is transferred into Supplier's bank account after deducting commission. During FCB we get the waste back, we give cash credit (electronic) on our portal to buy new products. We sell good quality waste to recyclers OR get contract manufacturing done for creating new products. We save cost of procurement of recycled items.

Market info

Market size

$ 996,000,000,000


Competition in India - have website products with rating. They have all products including food and lifestyle. Their model is also ecommerece. Majorly covering south portion of India. Their measuring formula is of multiple parameters and at end after complex calculations one rating is derived. Difficult for people to understand.
UpcycledStudio- Australia based ecommerce site selling upcycled lifestyle items - majorly focusing Australia market. No waste collection for recycling with anyone.


  • 208,873 Total Sales till 10th Jan
  • 5,073 OnlineStoreVisitsTill23Dec
  • 530 Products on Portal
  • 120 WasteCollectedThroughFCBinKg
  • 80 CustomersAcquired

Startup traction

Total sales lifetime since launch (20th July) reached at 2.08 Lacs (0.2 Mn INR). Increased upto 9000%. Online store visits also reached upto 5000 visits an increase upto 3000%. Average order value increased upto Rs.2700.00 which is up by 885%. Visits from outside India - US 650, UK 80, Canada 49, Australia 46. Reached FB following on page upto 240. Instagram followers increased upto 350. More than 500 products on the portal. More than 120 kg of waste collected and cash credit issued (which are confirmed order for next time). Raising awareness and training with the prospects before conversion. Out of 10 we are able to convert 8 with the approach of awareness for entering into circular economy.

Other information

Got StartupIndia certificate. Tax Benefit for 3 years is in approval process. India Patent applied for BuyGreen Business Process 201721026136. 3 Trademarks applied with the number 3513972, 3513973, 3570228. Were Go Green partner for Gujarat's no 1 Navratri event - Mirchi Rock and Dhol. Did an innovative campaign for engaging customers - gave 50 points credit for bottle given for recycling rather than throwing on ground. Also gave Rs.100 coupon for dropping waste in the waste bins.

Publication date: 17 January 2018