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Data analysis for renewables' instability problem.

Renewable energy technologies suffer from source (wind, sun, etc.) instability which distorts electricity grid's health and therefore is costly. We developed a data management software, PreD, that aggregates all available data and processes them via tailor-made algorithms, so that the user can adjust power plant's daily position in the market in a way that forecasted and actual generation matches.


Ihsancan Ozpoyraz

BSc Industrial Eng. at Istanbul Tech. Uni., MSc Energy Economics at Uni. College London, PhD (c) at Koc Uni. 1.5 years of hands-on experience in TR energy market (Market Intelligence Analyst at Enerjisa / JV of E.ON, Trade Portfolio Analyst at Naksan Enerji). Skills: optimization, machine learning.

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Last Update: 08.10.2017