Prudle Labs

Marketplace for translators, in integrated model.
Startup name
Prudle Labs
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Founding date
March 2017
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Startup stage
Enterprise, Software, Consumer
Enterprise software, Social media
Product usage or interact
Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android), Server software (ie, databases)
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Elevator pitch

Reducing cost for companies by removing barriers and middlemen in the entire supply chain of content translation.
Targeting some percentage of market share i.e. USD 45 billion market and 500,000 professional translators across the world.
Empowering individuals who know more than 1 language to earn, communicate and translate in local language.


Deepinder Singh

Deepinder is a credible business leader with 15 years of track record in localization and translation industry. He has worked with companies like Dell Inc grew team from 2-15 members, CA Inc, Symphony Services. He has been instrumental for building localization team from scratch to double digit.

Prasoon Rana

Prasoon has overall 14 years of technical experience and is a main driving force developing products at Prudle Labs. Before co-founding Prudle Labs he worked with SAP for 10 years as technical expert and was Solution Architect when he left SAP in 2015.

Business model

Target customer

Enterprise, Translation/Localization Service Providers and Translators

Customer acquisition strategy

SEO, Content Marketing, Webinars, Email, Industry Specific conferences

Revenue model

Subscription - Will be for enterprise companies who want to use Prudle Studio for managing the entire translation cycle.
Transactional - Translation industry has per word rates and we would like to offer the product free to all translators in the world. However, charge them on per word basis when the limit of words exceed. Plan is to charge as low as $ .01 per word.
On-premise deployment - one time cost for large organisation and annual maintenance fee.

Market info

Market size

$ 45,000,000,000


locize is a year old company which has similar platform like Prudle. However, they do not show real time progress, status, cost management, repository management and query management in their tool. Many advance features in workflow which are not even shown in their product. doesn't solve pain points of enterprise company but it is meant for localization service providers.
Prudle solves the pain points of enterprise companies and removes middle men from supply chain.


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Startup traction

Prudle Labs has added one of the India's largest telecom player as customer who is using Prudle Studio. Paid customer
Prudle Labs is working with (US based educational company) and its partners in various regions to product Internationalization, translation and Localization Professional services. Paid customer.
Prudle Studio is also has a paid Indian Localization Service Provider organisation named Shakti Enterprise. Paid customer
Another 4 localisation service providers (Enterprises) will be provided trail version of Prudle Studio for their initial assessment, demos done and they liked the product and features.
Braahmam (India based translation and localisation vendor), has selected Prudle Labs for technology partnership, where Prudle will provide Internationalization services using Prudle Studio -
Prudle Labs is finalising a channel partnership with Beno Languages, where Beno will become a reseller of Prudle Studio

Other information

Patent filed
Recognised by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion of Government of India

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We are removing barriers between content writers (it could be developer who is writing software code) and translators by using technology and reducing cost of enterprise companies and also increasing profit margins for translators.

Reducing cost for companies by removing barriers and middle man in the entire supply chain of content translation.

We are also helping startups and companies who have great product and want to take to international/global market.

Publication date: 01 March 2018