Venue-based realt-time networking platform
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Founding date
April 2017
Total team member
Startup stage
Enterprise, Consumer, Software
Social media, Mobile
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Baku, Baku City, Azerbaijan

Elevator pitch

Onbranch is an accurate virtual projection of the real world - with real persons and venues inside. It is a useful tool for any type of venue and for their customers. For venues there is no more need to spend on apps or websites. For users there is no more need to download lot of apps and to get lost within different websites. Onbranch provides virtual advantages of real activities.


Elchin Askarov

I am an architect with a quite rich portfolio. However, I am also deeply interested in IT sphere. My approach to IT is an architect approach. What I am doing right now is to build strong connection between the real and virtual environments.

Business model

Target customer

People that attend any type of venues; venue owners/managers

Customer acquisition strategy

Connection to venues, B2B contracts, advertising, B2C services

Revenue model

Venue owners may easily use this platform as a management & marketing tool. They will also avoid extra expenses of creating own venue app. On this platform, PEOPLE SEE EACH OTHER & venue owners use it to develop their business. This is the same principle as in the real life, nothing more.

Interests from sales of goods and services within the app.
Contracts with venues that are interested in special features.

Also paying users for premium services (incognito messaging etc.)

Market info

Market size

$ 30,000,000,000


Onbranch is a new ecosystem based on specific connection methods. The above-mentioned platforms are indirect competitors; they have got features similar to some separate Onbranch features. Although, due to special connection technology, even those similar features are quite different within Onbranch.


  • 400,000 Users in Azerbaijan for 2019
  • 800,000 User in Turkey for 2019
  • 600,000 User in MENA - UAE
  • 240,000 USER in CIS(Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakistan)

Startup traction

Azerbaijan is a starting platform for the project. However, the project itself aims to be global. So, for initial stage we start with Azerbaijan (already have contracts, pre-contracts) to get users and feedback. We estimate to reach 400K users for 2019.

Then we are going to neighbor states. Already set up positive negotiations in Georgia and Russia. Russia and Turkey are big markets, so our pessimistic scenario is 240K users for CIS in 2019, 800K users for Turkey in 2019 and 600K users MENA in 2019.

We approach to work with particular venues and their customers. Of course, numbers could be bigger, if we have better clients.

There is no strict consequence in our roll-out. So, we consider possibility for simultaneous action.

More detailed traction information is available within our presentation.

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We have already concluded service contract with Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix operational company. Moreover, we are on pre-contract stage with several clients in Azerbaijan and abroad. Therefore, we expect to increase our revenue at least twice by the end of the year.

Publication date: 25 November 2017