We are a supermall of discounts
Startup name
Founding date
August 2017
Total team member
Startup stage
Paying users
Discount, Discount Aggregator, Lifestyle, Consumer Benefits, E Commerce
Product usage or interact
Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh

Elevator pitch

Offerzonebd is a service that lets you shop at a great discount from thousands of online and offline shops, not only in Dhaka metro, but other parts of country including rural area also, not only at renowned brands but also at local small shops and home businesses.

We are a supermall of discounts.


Rizwanul Hoque Chowdhury

An enthusiast professional in Customer Loyalty Management & Satisfaction with an experience of around 10 years in different global business arena with a vision to create an economic but joyful customer experience in daily socio life. Passionate to innovate new service.

Nazmul Hasan

Experienced in different business sectors. From garments to land development, kitchen etc. types of businesses. Always carry out an intention to be involved with a technologically viable and environment friendly business.

Mehdi Hasan

Robust knowledge in Business Process development, Project migration, New project deployment and Process outsourcing. Worked for different international organization abroad. A certified Lead auditor of ISO 22301 (Business Continuity Management) and Green Belt for Project Management.

Jalal Uddin

Expertise in Call Centre IT infra set up for different BPO and medium scale business organizations. Worked for Brac and a few other NGO as an external IT Consultant to set up necessary infrastructure. Has in depth knowledge in e-commerce, CRM development and renowned Call Solution System (e.g. Avaya

Business model

Target customer

Age group 18+. Demography - All Bangladesh. Low to high income holders

Customer acquisition strategy

web, telesales, digital marketing, direct sales, indirect sales channe

Revenue model

Revenue is generated from-
- annual subscription fee of membership
- co-branding
- different campaigns in potential locations
- web ad of merchants (in future)

Market info

Market size

$ 5,000,000



Banks, telcos, e-commerce sites are the indirect competitors of us. Though their core business is not offering deals & discounts to customers, they are doing it as a part of customer loyalty management program. We are the only company who are focused on exclusive deals & discounts for our members. We are different because we accumulate these deals & discounts from all over the country, from online/offline retails, from brands to non brand outlets. Competitors do it on specific brands & area only

Startup traction

10,000 members in first year.
50%-60% growth Year on Year.

1,000 merchants in first year.
80% (approx.) growth Year on Year.

Other information

a) Equity: Currently we are ready to offer 15% equity in exchange of an investment of USD 200K.
b) Grant: Apart from equity based investment, we are also looking for grants as we would like to expand this model to rural areas where awareness of such service is not that much high. For example, we would like to get deals from farmers also. Here, we would need to subsidize them to get attracted to us. Moreover, such subsidy will also be allocated for home based woman entrepreneurs also so that they get attracted to our service model.

Publication date: 19 June 2018