Prediction based on AI and Big Data Analytics
Startup name
Founding date
April 2017
Total team member
Startup stage
Financial & payment services
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (Android), API
Tehran, Ostan-e Tehran, Iran

Elevator pitch

We are a SaaS provider based on big data analytics and Machine Learning algorithms. Our road-map is focused on massive financial data. Our AI based prediction service enables us to give you important insights to overcome risks of trading and investment due to uncertainty of future market.


Alireza Khanshan

I am passionate about computers, machine learning, distributed computing, big data analysis and video game development. I code on a day-to-day basis and that is simply what I love

Amirreza Farahani

I'm passionate about Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis and FinTech.

Business model

Target customer

Brokers, Prop Traders, People who trade in stock market (retail users)

Customer acquisition strategy

Gain trust by demo & offering freemium plans.

Revenue model

At the beginning, we plan to provide the results of predictions in the cross-platform form to build trust among customers, and provide demo services to the companies to examine the results. So they can order the main service in case of satisfaction.
Our revenue is priced as SaaS:
-Basic (limited) [Feature/ User/ Request]
-Custom (Selection) [Feature/ User/ Request]
Which will be in the weekly/ monthly/ yearly format
-Dedicated (Our vision)
Provide dedicated service in your private cloud.

Market info

Market size

$ 318,000,000,000


Most of our competitors are new comers. Some of them are limited to only one customer segment for example B2B only and some other provide not necessarily actionable predictions. on the other hand we fill the void, our service is in different forms (SaaS, Application) for different customer segments, and more accurate.

Startup traction

With the developments of industries, technologies, financial, social and political interactions in an international scale, more challenges arise to the future planning because we are dealing with a lot more effective elements, compared to the past. This challenge exceeds the typical analysis and conventional methods, so to address this challenge, we need novel methods. we began to explore this issue, and we successfully designed our first version of AI-based prediction algorithm.
We officially started by posting our predictions to our blog and social media to examine the market and get feedbacks. fortunately we gained a lot of traction and we were contacted many times.
Now we are going to visualize our results thoroughly and our mobile app is being developed. our API is going to be ready soon ,for businesses that have already requested our service, for testing and hopefully turning into a paying one. we hope to expand our customer segment to reach our target market.

Other information

Located at Tivan Entrepreneurship Club co-working space (2017 March)
Big Data Management in Smart Businesses Workshop (2017 March)
Internship Program 2017 May)
Social Media Manager and Content Manager joined us 2017 June)
Approved to locate at Samsung-AUT Innovation Center co-working space 2017 September)
Prediction model reached a satisfactory accuracy 2017 October)
Launched stock prediction mobile application (2017 October)
Made it to the startup istanbul finals (2017 October)
Won IFIA award for novel AI algorithm (2017 November)
Selected as one of the international startups for Turkey innovation and entrepreneurship week (2017 December)
+1300 post views on Linkedin (2017 December)
Acquired our first paying customer (2017 December)

Publication date: 26 January 2018