GiveMeFood to Eradicate hunger in Africa
Startup name
Founding date
April 2017
Total team member
Startup stage
Food & nutrition, Health & wellbeing
Product usage or interact
Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Yaoundé, Centre, Cameroon

Elevator pitch

GiveMeFood helps collect food donation from your home, office, restaurant, for donations to people without sufficient food in urban or rural areas. In addition, it allows more than 950000 women to promote, sell or deliver their home catering services in a market size of 7millions people in Cameroon


Martial Nodem

I'm martial Nodem, from Cameroon. i've 27 years old. I'm an IT engineer, graduated from University Paris Est Creteil. i'm passionate about web technologies and how we can use it to develop new services that can simplify the life of African people .

Business model

Target customer

Women in rural or Urban area, passionate about cooking, Income:3.9$/d

Customer acquisition strategy

Free sale of home food service on the GivemeFood plateforme

Revenue model

Like a profit-venture our revenue model for a market size of 7 millions people are:
• Promoting homefood sale: 9.07 USD/30 days;
• Delivery homefood service at least: 0.90 USD/delivery;
• Recycling seminar in gastronomy: 18.14 USD/session.

Market info

Market size

$ 2,567,298,250



Jumia Food and Take eat Easy Kenya are working in partnership with restaurant to sale and deliver to their customer food order . Their targets are physically installed restaurants already having some popularity and who before did not sell food online.
The singularity of GivemeFood is that we promote HomeFood services, at low coast, where womens can sale easily online their service in gastronomy. and ours market size is on more than 950K women in Cameroon only for 7 M customers.


  • 0 Givemefood community
  • 0 Home Food sellers
  • 0 Customer visit food products (clics)
  • 0 Recycling seminar Gastronomy session
  • 0 Potential Yearly Income (3000customers) in USD

Startup traction

Givemefood community is people from plateform and social network, who are actually interested about the project.
Home Food sellers, are women on our platform who actually sellings their food service online. I just want to notice all those women have never try to sale their food online before to join Givemefood.
Customer Visit food are the number of clic that potential customer made on the food product publish on the platform
Recycling seminar is a training session that we have done for women to improve their prestation in gastronomy
Potential Yearly income, is the money that we can get with our business model with only 3000 customers/years

Other information

in 2017 our startUp have been selected like the most promising startups at the Lyon Startup Challenge.
The most early Bird at the Start-Up Grind by Google Entrepreneurs
We belongs at the LiveForGood Community in France.

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The countries affected by the same problems that the Cameroon, and where GIVEMEFOOD can be easily implemented (reported by the Global Nutrition Report 2017) :
Nigeria with 54% of the population with 1.90$/day and 76% with 3.10$/day;
United Republic of Tanzania with 49% of the population with 1.90$/day and 76% with 3.10$/day;
Chad with 38% of the population with 1.90$/day and 65% with 3.10$/day;
Burkina Faso with 44% of the population with 1.90$/day and 75% with 3.10$/day;
Rwanda with 60% of the population with 1.90$/day and 81 % with 3.10$/day;
Kenya with 34% of the population with 1.90$/day and 59% with 3.10$/day.

Publication date: 01 March 2018