NetOP Technology

We manufacture sensors for IoT&M2M applications.
Startup name
NetOP Technology
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Founding date
July 2017
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Startup stage
Paying users
Consumer electronics, Industrial internet & IoT, Supplier Management, Logistics/Supply Chain, Logistics Management, Retail Management
Product usage or interact
Marken, North Holland, Netherlands

Elevator pitch

Cold chain products(such as food&beverage and *medicine) could be effected from temperature during its transportation and it may be unusable.Because of our
1)hardware with temperature sensor(Bluetooth technology)
2)mobile&web application, we solve this problem and provide to end customers healtier products.
Our target market: B2B companies which have cold chain products
The global market: $4b


Olcay Taysi

Experienced founder with a demonstrated history of working in IoT/M2M industry.Creating new&unique solutions and business models on the Internet of Things.Founder&CEO of IoTNETOP; developing and manufacturing LPWAN (LoRa®/NB-IoT) based gateways,sensors,devices and serve turn key end to end solutions

Ozan Taysi

Ozan has been working as an IT specialist, software developer and project manager for many years in the IT industry. With the exciting innovations of IoT and interest in alternative networks such as LoRa, SigFox and NB-IoT, it is closely following developments in this area. He manages the projects.

Business model

Target customer

Companies which have cold chain products

Customer acquisition strategy

Direct & online sales, POCs, collaboration with our partner companies

Revenue model

1.) BLECODE which is a physical product, Bluetooth tag(like a barcode) with temperature sensor, is designed as a consumable item, so it will be very cheap and can be purchased easily online.

2.) BLECODE mobile application will be free for all.

3.) Web platform will be required monthly fee(5€) for the professionals and will provide past records, detailed reports, colourful graphs, temperature alerts (e-mail & sms) and many more…

Market info

Market size

$ 4,000,000,000


Unlike our competitors:
-We provide accessibility to all end users, not just limited with some officials. So end users can track their products' temperature in a real time.
-We do not need to use any pyhsical Gateway(RF receiver) to get data from sensors because of our application.

Orbcomm: It is neccesary to use GSM(Sim Card).
IMC Group: Gateway is needed to use this product(There is a limited range).
TinyTag: There is limited mobility.


  • 4 Customers(companies)
  • 20,000 Raised($)

Startup traction

-We have working devices(including hardware, software and platform as a packet solution)
-We have raised $20.000 as a seed investment
-We have 4 mayor customers (B2B company which sell cold chain products)
-We did sign a contract with Tele2(Global GSM company) as their hardware vendor.
-We did sign a contract with Ericsson as their solution provider.
-We signed a contract with Kerlink (biggest LoRa GW brand of the world).
-We signed contracts with some system integrator companies which sell our products and solutions.

Publication date: 17 March 2018