Meyve Ağacım

Natural and Fresh Fruits of Turkey
Startup name
Meyve Ağacım
Web address
Founding date
August 2016
Total team member
Startup stage
Paying users
E-commerce & online marketplaces, Food & nutrition
Product usage or interact
Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Antalya, Turkey

Elevator pitch

You dont need to know a guy or find a market to buy natural and fresh fruit anymore. With Meyve Ağacım, you can buy the freshest fruits, also the jams, Turkish delights and dried fruits which are made from these fruits.


Süleyman Özkan

Suleyman Ozkan, 26 y/o, Antalya. Former Ozyegin University student. Currently in Akdeniz University German Literature. Interested with art and music. In 2012 start working in our family-owned agriculture company. In 2016 founded Meyve Agacim

Business model

Target customer

Between 25-44 y/o, B1 socio-economic group

Customer acquisition strategy

Guerrilla marketing, Social media, Paid ads

Revenue model

Selling product

Market info

Market size

$ 550,000,000



In the market, we got 2 main competitors. They got more customers and budgets than we have. But, including that 2, all the firms in the sector almost using the same patterns to doing business.


  • 46 AOV
  • 2 CR
  • 2 ROI
  • 26 SPI
  • 3 NPS

Startup traction

The company has done basic field and enterprise level researches. Made its first sale in the last week of March / 2017 and not enough growth has been achieved due to the end of the harvest season of the products. Nevertheless, by agreement with n11 and selling a single product in June, 10% of intial invesment cost was achieved in a day. Because the new season will be opened as of October and informations we got about the factors such as customer requirements, market requirements, etc. we predicting that investment costs will be completely earned until January 2018. With the investments, the net profit of the end of 2018 is predicted that it will be 10-12 times higher then first intial invesment cost. / AOV: Average order value of last 3 months. SPI: Last week's search penetration index. NPS: Net promoter score of last month.

Other information

Kosgeb - Uygulamalı Girişimcilik: Got the certificate of Kosgeb Uygulamalı Girişimcilik. Meyve Ağacım can get up to 50K TL grant and also up to 100K TL credit with that.

Publication date: 30 September 2017