A free live gallery connecting event attendees.
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Founding date
April 2016
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Social media
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Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria

Elevator pitch

A photographer cannot capture all the moments in an event. With Memmour attendees of an event can share their beautiful moments (images) collectively and together with a common hashtag(s). Memmour connect and preserve their memories together by creating a free live gallery for all the pictures shared in an event. Everyone uploading their image(s) to a shared gallery and not different websites.


Abimbola Oluwagbuyi

I am Oluwagbuyi Abimbola, CEO of Memmour, a tech entrepreneur, proficient in frontend development(HTML5, CSS and javascript) and backend developement(PHP, MYSQL and NODEjs) of the web and mobile app development.

Victor Amusan

I am the Victor Amusan. Community manager , Planet Nest, Idea Analyst and project developer

Grace Omole

I am UI/UX developer, CTO at memmour, Student of the Federal university of Technology, Akure, Nigeria

Business model

Target customer

Event attendees, Event promoters and Event planners.

Customer acquisition strategy

Sponsoring of events , Social media advertisement.

Revenue model

1. 30.5% of event professionals plan 16+ events per year. (, These 30.5% of event professionals can advertise their event(s) on Memmour by paying a certain amount of money, So Memmour can reach more of their target audience.

2. Creation of customized meme for event's organizers and attendees. These meme can help their social media campaign to create more awareness and reach their target audience.

Market info

Market size

$ 300,000,000



Eversnap collects images of all the guests in an event after the event host as purchased an album on their platform, the limitation of this platform rests on the fact that an online album must be purchased before guests can upload their pictures.

DropEvent also collects images of people collaboratively, provided a certain of money is paid to own a galllery per event.

Startup traction

Currently we have over 1000 pictures and 40 events tags. In the last three months , event pictures shared is growing at rate of 5% monthly.

Publication date: 07 October 2017