A solution to enhance patient & doctor experience.
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Founding date
July 2016
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Startup stage
Health & wellbeing, Med tech & pharma
Product usage or interact
Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android), Server software (ie, databases)
Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Elevator pitch

In busy modern day lifestyle with growing number of diseases, it has become arduous to manage and monitor ones health. Medwle brings you the luxury of booking and rescheduling your appointments, updates the availability of the doctor, assists you throughout the visit with real-time GPS tracking, manages your health documents(cloud based). All this is achieved by incorporation of user end apps.


Rakshith Gopidi

Plethora of innovation, and willingness to strive for my dreams is what defines me. I am currently pursuing my in computer science at NIIT University. A young entrepreneur, founder and CEO at MEDWLE. My quick ability to read and analyse is what I think puts me ahead of the crowd.

Avinash Reddy Attluri

Business model

Target customer

Hospitals and clinics for using our product and advertising through us

Customer acquisition strategy

All patients of our clients(Health Centres) are our users.

Revenue model

All the clinics and hospitals we tie up with, generate a constant revenue for using our product. The usage of software is subscription based and health centres pay us depending on number of doctors in that particular hospital. Advertisements of hospitals and promotions of health and fitness related events on our website as well on our Android and IOS applications is our other source of revenue. Medwle will be a great marketing platform for health and fitness related products.

Market info

Market size

$ 625,084



We donot see a potential competitor in the industry, though there were similar ideas previously, all of them are very basic compared to the pioneering startup of ours. Our real-time GPS assistant throughout the visit to doctor(for patient) and software based queue management system makes us stand out from the others.The use of technology to its best in managing appointments on both ends makes our product more complete and will only look forward to integrate more unique ideas down the road.


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Startup traction

We have conducted feasibilty tests by taking surveys through google forms from varied people and also from the industry itself. We managed to raise funds to start off our technical development phase and we reckon it would be made available by the start of october. We procured an incubation center in Bengaluru, India from an US based IT company, CVision. We set up an office at Hyderabad and recruited 10 marketing interns. Established agreements with 44 health-centres throughout India and uganda.We have pitched our initial idea to the men in top positions at various leading hospitals. We collected lot of points and valuable suggestions and optimised our product accordingly. We thoroughly investigated about each and every enterprise that had a similar idea regarding their revenue models, marketing strategies, uniqueness and estimated competence of each. We figured out what ideas made significant contribution to each company and incorpated them with our own pioneering ideas.

Publication date: 22 September 2017