Aggregates all stores together online.
Startup name
Web address
Founding date
April 2017
Total team member
Startup stage
Consumer, Software
E-commerce & online marketplaces
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android), Server software (ie, databases)
Ankara, Turkey

Elevator pitch

Marketci is a e-commerce platform that consists of a website and a mobile application which will be established with the aim of bringing the stores, who provides delivery services and are eager to take a step in this direction, and users who would like to use this service in the same environment.


Barış Çalışkan

I believe that a person should define himself not with words, but with actions. I am playing handball for 13 years. In my high school years, I founded the American Football in TED College(which is one of the first in the whole country) team and the Bilkent Handball Team.

Business model

Target customer

In Turkey 20 million people who do online shopping.

Customer acquisition strategy

Two main channels for the first year are advertisement & social media.

Revenue model

Commission [If markets can not sale any item on our platform, They will not pay any fee (≥ %2)]

Market info

Market size

$ 15,000,000,000


Our opponents mostly include only one distributor. (Migros) What we offer is an easy way of price comparison. No time limitation. We believe that we will be the customers' choice because of fast membership with Facebook and Gmail integration, no price limitation while placing an order and price comparison.Just like customers who place orders from Yemeksepeti instead of McDonald's own website. Most of our competitors are in Istanbul. We are in Ankara. This is an advantage for us.

Startup traction

We are selected as a project which is in idea stage. Now we are in the testing stage of the prototype. We did pre-contract with different stores in Ankara.

Other information

1. In Glocal Start-Up Days competition, we won the jury's special award and were accepted to the Bilkent Cyberpark Pre-incubation Center.

2. Got into first 100 to gain the right of joining TechAnkara Project Market.

3. Barış Çalışkan, our founder, participated in Hamdi Ulukaya Entrepreneurship Competition and ranked at the top 100 out of 3258 people. At the same time, he was in the first 128 people among 94,000 people in the Fellow program conducted by the Entrepreneurship Foundation.

4. Zeynep Topcu, also participated in Hamdi Ulukaya Entrepreneurship Competition and showed the first 100 out of 3258 people. In addition to that, in the summer of 2017, she spent 3 months being a summer intern in 1871, America's largest International Start-Up Incubator Center.

5. Our teammates Ridvan(IEEExtreme) and Berire(SOS Puzzle, Mnemonica) have several accomplishments in the field of software.

6. Gained the right to join StartUp Istanbul by being in the first 100.

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We got "Marketçi" name rights.

Publication date: 14 June 2018