Futur leader of food industry: Airbnb of food
Startup name
Web address
Founding date
May 2017
Total team member
Startup stage
Food & nutrition
Product usage or interact
Desktop, Server software (ie, databases)
Paris, Île-de-France, France

Elevator pitch

Makla is a mobile app that connects the best cooks in the city with users who want a good, cheap and healthy meal.


Khalid Benazzouz

I am fresh graduated student, a serial entrepreneur and a passionate about cooking. I have a Master degree in International Marketing and many experience in different fields. I created my first startup 2 years ago and MAKLA is my second startup so i'm pretty used to Startup world.

Business model

Target customer

18-24 years especially students and young active

Customer acquisition strategy

Via influencer Marketing and sponsoring student parties

Revenue model

The price of sales is divided as below:
- 80%: for the cooks
- 10%: for people who suffer from undernurishment
- 10%: for the company (Makla)

Market info

Market size

$ 4,300,000,000


This is the biggest competitor in the market. But they're competitor in different level; Some of them are direct competitors and other are indirect competitors.

Direct competitor: CookUnity
Same idea but Makla has a humain aspect and a different communication strategy.

Indirect competitor Level1: ComunEat- EatWith
No mobile app service: only in website/ Only in big cities

Indirect competitor level2: Vizeat-Feastly-MenuNextDoor-VoulezVousDiner
Professional chef/Eat in host house

Startup traction

The mobile app is not launched yet so no KPIs for the moment but we have a very good predictions.

Publication date: 29 September 2017