Magniscope is a content provider of VR application
Startup name
Founding date
February 2017
Total team member
Startup stage
Education, Virtual reality
Product usage or interact
Desktop, Server software (ie, databases), Hardware-wearable
Kuwait City, Al Asimah, Kuwait

Elevator pitch

We see students face difficulties in understanding scientific concepts due to poorly-equipped school labs, hazardous experiments and invisibility of many important concepts, e.g., electricity & magnetism. Magniscope is a virtual reality application that provides interactive, affordable, educational and safe virtual environment for students to conduct their grade's experiments effectively.


Areej Abdelaal

I am an Egyptian senior student in Computer Engineering, Kuwait University. I enjoy learning new skills and have been in love with physics ever science I was a child. I am a Java programmer and currently the team Leader for Magniscope team. Leadership is a hard but amazing skill and experience

Batool Dashti

Laila Buabbas

An ambitious fresh graduate from Computer Engineering, Kuwait University. With my programming skills and gaming experience, I want to offer enjoyable education to young students. Magniscope is a very good starting point for me.

Lamis Waleed

I am a senior student in Computer Engineering, Kuwait University. My technical skills are about coding and design and I am a hard-worker to the core. Doesn't matter how many bugs in my code, I will still get it working perfectly.

Sazida Hossain

I am a senior student in Computer Engineering, Kuwait University. Though I am an English speaker, I managed to adopt to my Arabic environment in college, and took it further to excel both socially and academically. Designing and writing skills are what I stand out for.

Business model

Target customer

Schools are the main customers, both public and private.

Customer acquisition strategy

face-to-face meetings and live demos and trials at schools

Revenue model

1. Application Download: 1-time income, application is active for 6 months
2. Subsribtion : every 6 months - renews applications active status

Market info

Market size

$ 75,000,000



Both Unimersive and Immersive VR education developed virtual reality applications for education, but they focus on biology,history, geography and class-like experience. They lack the interactivity level of Magniscope where the student "does", not just "sees".

Startup traction

As our startup is still in prototype stage, no selling took place and thus no traction yet

Publication date: 18 October 2017