Lifepinner is your personal travel storage
Startup name
Founding date
August 2016
Total team member
Startup stage
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

Elevator pitch

Travellers need to store and share their travel experiences in one app. However the current applications can not meet their needs since they can not provide a combined solution. Lifepinner is a mobile application where you can create your own city guide, personal travel infographic, travel map and bucket list together.


Hüseyin Caner

I am a certified public accountant. I em experienced in finance and accounting. I worked for multinational audit companies where I had experience in the area of auditing and internatinal tax legislations. I am co founder of Lifepinner and furthermore owner of an audit company in Turkey.

Aslı Caner

Born 21.11.1976, lives in İstanbul. Endeavor Entrepreneur since 2010. Lifestyle: Traveller, literate, cook lover, movie addicted Specialities: Business Strategy, Content Providing, Digital Marketing, Business Development, Online Advertising, Networking, Gerilla Marketing

Yeser Sariyildiz

a digital nomad co-founder of LifePinner and mbsays traveller explorer art and street art lover a dog mom

Ender Diril

Since 2000 working as a digital designer. I like to make photo manipulations a lot. I love traveling & diving. Hunger for doing better as always in my field & still learning new things.

Cemil Fidanlıgül

I am a self motivated and technology addict person. I love coding and dealing with new technologies. I received BS in Naval Engineering in 2001 and MBA degree in 2007. I am now managing partner and lead architect in a software development company Performans besides TripDigi.

Business model

Target customer

Travellers, airline companies, travel agencies, hotels and restaurants

Customer acquisition strategy

Following feature and digital marketing.

Revenue model

LifePinner aims to create platform for traditional sectors to reach customers with the knowledge of travelling habits, future actions of them, by using network power of application. Lifepinner have a specific income model and this is advertisement model. Users are able to be categorized by localization, age, hometown, gender, travelling habits and bucket lists. Ad places; Notification Screen, Discover Today, Banner Places are advertisement platforms in Lifepinner.

Market info

Market size

$ 564,870,000,000


Competitors of Lifepinner can be mainly mentioned as Tripadvisor,Foursquare,Journi,Instagram and Been. Users are able to use Been to create their travel map and personel infographic. They have to use Instagram, Foursquare, Tripadvisor and Journi if they want to create their city guides. They can not perform all these features in one app. However it is possible for LifePinner's users to create their travel map, personel infographic, city guides and also bucket list together in one app.


  • 11,000 Number of Users

Startup traction

Lifepinner was launched on AppStore and GooglePlay and total active users of are currently more than 11.000 from 45 different countries. USA, Turkey, United Kingdom, Japan and Germany are the first five leading countries of the current users. According to the data of LifePinner, 256.113 total pins are made and 58.367 bucket lists are created by the users. Daily active users of Lifepinner are 2.431, weekly active users are 5.402 and monthly active users are 9.611. We are working on development of Version2 which includes follower function. In the middle of 2018, we are planning to launch Version2 and after launching V2, we are targeting to generate revenue in 2018 and reach 1 Million users. We are targeting to increase our sales in 2019 and our aim is to reach 2.5 million users at the end of 2019.

Other information

We were selected for FB Start Program. Furthermore we were chosen as ITU Çekirdek Entrepreneur.

Publication date: 07 October 2017