Visual data integration for Apache Spark
Startup name
Founding date
August 2015
Total team member
Startup stage
Enterprise, Software
Enterprise software
Product usage or interact
Desktop, Server software (ie, databases)
Istanbul, Turkey

Elevator pitch

Integer8 is a visual data integration software which is designed to operate on Hadoop systems.
You can use Integer8 designer with drag and drop components to build efficient data pipelines in minutes. Without having to write any code.

Integer8 helps businesses to solve complex problems easily with cost advantage of cloud systems.


Selahattin Gungormus

I'm a computer engineer with 7 years of data integration experience. My main focuses are working with distributed systems, processing large data sets and performance tuning.

Şehmus Yüksel

Over 5 years of BI/W Consultancy experience including Project Management, Design and Development of ETL Projects. Technical expertise on Ab Initio, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle Data Integrator in enterprise level data integration projects.

Business model

Target customer

SMEs, Businesses with high customer engagement

Customer acquisition strategy

B2B, Microsoft Azure and AWS Cloud Platform

Revenue model

Pay per usage (hourly infrastructure based usage), annual and monthly subscription with BYOL (bring your own license) options

Market info

Market size

$ 528,000,000



Streamanalytix company focuses on Real Time data and SaaS model of subscription. However we find the market in cloud service providers (AWS, Azure) much more flexible.

Snaplogic uses it's own execution engine, our product is focused on using open-source Apache Spark technology at the background. Apache Spark is currently the most active open-source project with huge number of community. This will enable us to keep our engine more performant and more up-to-date in next few years.


  • 5 No. customer with annual subscription (1st year)
  • 20 No. customers with monthly subscription (1st year)
  • 50 No. customer with annual subscription (3rd year)
  • 200 No. customer with monthly subscription (3rd year)

Startup traction

We released the first version of Integer8 this summer. Currently we are working on deploying our product to AWS and Azure platforms. Running integration tests on each service. Our plan is to be ready on both of the platforms at the end of 2017.

Future plan is;
- Secure 20 monthly and 5 yearly subscribed customer at the end of 2018
- Secure 200 monthly and 50 yearly subscribed customer at the end of 2020

Publication date: 28 September 2017