The startup provides assistance to blind with A.I.
Startup name
Founding date
November 2016
Total team member
Startup stage
Hardware, Software
Health & wellbeing, Industrial internet & IoT, Wearable technology
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (Android), API, Hardware-wearable
Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

Elevator pitch

Our startup is focused towards developing a product to help the blind in their everyday life. 3.5 million blind people in India, the market for our product is colossal. We will be focusing on channeling market by involving Eye Care Centers and developing a SaaS model for other companies to invest their technology in our product so as to generate revenue.


Jasvinder Singh

I am currently a University student at RGPV, India. I am enthusiastic about Artificial Intelligence and implementing it in the real world to help other people. I love solving problems and have started Helios with the vision of solving problems for the blind people around the world.

Garvit Joshi

My field of work includes ML, genetics, quantum computing and deep learning. I love to program in C++ and Python. I am an artist by heart. I have proficiency in Spanish and German. I contested in Imagine Cup recently where I secured 2nd place in India.

Chaitanya Dandvate

I am currently studying in RGPV University. I have a keen interest in the field of Artificial Intelligence. I love to use machine learning algorithms for solving real life problems. I started working on Helios with the aim to provide a helping hand to visually impaired and make their lives easier.

Swapnil Pote

I am a Data Scientist. I have worked as an educator at Big Data Informatics. I have worked on several Artificial Intelligence based products and I love to teach. I specialize in Deep Learning, Big Data and Python Development.

Business model

Target customer

Our target customers are eye care centers, hospitals and blind people.

Customer acquisition strategy

We have decided to use channeling market strategy to target hospitals.

Revenue model

The revenue model based on the channeling market strategy where hospitals and other eye centers will act as agents to sell our product. We can also directly sell it to customers. We are using Software as a Service (SaaS) to involve other companies which are willing to provide their services to our device. Through these hybrid services we can benefit as a whole. Our product will have a cloud platform that will have subscription in order to induce revenue for us.

Market info

Market size

$ 50,000



Our competitor 'Torch It' have developed a torch like device that vibrates whenever an obstacle is present in front of the blind person. However, it does not inform the person about the distance, does not use Artificial Intelligence and does not detect faces. The device is a pure sensor based product and simply informs the person through vibration.

Startup traction

We can generate traction by focusing on B2B market strategy at first. This will provide us with customers in one place (Hospitals, Eye Care Centers). We will also generate traction by social media marketing so as to target concerned member of family into buying the product for the blind person. Furthermore, we are deploying software as a service which will also invite other companies to invest their technology into our product. The customer will have to subscribe to cloud services and will have a choice of settling for the type of model that fits the customer's cost, preference for features and usability.

Publication date: 14 January 2018