We sell luxury Turkish towels online in USA
Startup name
Founding date
November 2016
Total team member
Startup stage
Paying users
E-commerce & online marketplaces
Product usage or interact
Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (iOS)
Wyoming, Delaware, US

Elevator pitch

Hamamlook is a passionate U.S. based e-commerce company who sells fashionable, high quality and luxury Turkish towels in North America. Beyond being a towel, we position Turkish towel as a fashion item in beach and home textile market reaching to both B2B and B2C customers. Turkish towels are already a proven trend in Europe and Turkey as a better functioning product against thick terry towels.


Deniz Akgungor

I am a creative professional with 15 years of experience in marketing & communication. As an entrepreneur, my objectives as are to transform Hamamlook into a profitable business, and make it a love brand. I also intend to benefit from this experience to develop new business ideas in the future.

Ece Cirakoglu

I am a highly motivated & creative entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in shopping center development & project management. At Hamamlook, my responsibilities are finance, design, legal affairs and IT. Main objectives are increasing the brand value of Hamamlook & investing in new start-ups.

Business model

Target customer

Mid & high-end female customers interested in home & beach fashion

Customer acquisition strategy

B2C; digital marketing & social media-B2B; exhibitions & sales agents

Revenue model

B2C: Online sales via www.hamamlook.com
B2B: Wholesale to hotels, spa, fitness centers, home decoration & beachwear boutiques.

From financial point of view, our cash flow has an exponentially growing forecast. The profit expectation is high considering the high gap between cost and income due to USD earning against TRY cost.

Market info

Market size

$ 50,000,000,000


We have 5 main competitors who sell Turkish towels online. However, the US market is large enough to expand our business especially in home and hotel textiles sector.
Our strengths against competition;
- High variety in number of products (143 SKU)
- Our unique taste in design
- Local knowledge and hands on control in production process
- Quality control procedures (laboratory tests for cotton, fabric draw ect...)
- Our well positioning of Turkish towels as a fashion and decoration item


  • 49 % Bounce rate
  • 14,407 Total Number of Visitors (last 6 months)
  • 128 $ Average Order Value

Startup traction

We are a recent startup with promising figures and dependable long term strategy. Our online sales started in April 2016. Thus, the performance parameters have not stabilized yet. But, there is a constant growth in # of customers each month and increasing publicity.

Since April, (6 months test market period), our goal has been to create awareness, confirm our prices, analyse demand to product types and understand customer behaviours while learning the market dynamics in US to apply the right strategies to boost our sales as of Q4 2017. We reached to our goals and even achieved to generate income both in B2C and B2B sales.

Our costs are in TL while revenues are in USD; high profit margin.

At the current situation, the CAC is high since we are investing in increasing brand awareness. However, considering the high potential in profit margin, within 6-10 months time when we have direct marketing campaigns focusing on sales, we will certainly get to desired CAC and LTV:CAC ratio.

Other information

- Hamamlook was choosen by HUG / Chobani (Hamdi Ulukaya Girişimi) among 400 startups to participate in Chobani's incubator program that had lasted 1 month in New York. We are proud to have the support of Mr. Ulukaya and Chobani team.
- Our brand and products were pitched on well known TV channels in USA such as FOX LA and NBC Atlanta -presented by Emily Loftiss.
- We are about to start selling on Wayfair.

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With additional funding, we would like to invest in:
- SEO, digital marketing & influencer marketing to increase our awareness and sales.
- Participating in trade fairs to make wholesale deals with hotels, home textile companies and department stores.
- Opening our own design workshop in Denizli to have designs 100% unique to us according to the knowhow that we gained in US market.
- Recruitment of a sales person who is dedicated to make wholesale deals in US & Canada.

Publication date: 02 October 2017