FYPTO is a leftover currency mobile wallet
Startup name
Web address
Founding date
September 2016
Total team member
Startup stage
Financial & payment services
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Singapore, Central Singapore Community Development Council, Singapore

Elevator pitch

FYPTO is a leftover currency e-wallet targeted for solution to the real pain-point of leftover currency for travelers. Deposit leftover currencies at many places easily to FYPTO agents (airport shops, airline staffs, tour guides, hotel desks, taxi drivers and others) and transfer or use in different ways via FYPTO App. FYPTO capture the value in leftover currency and give it back to the travelers.


Arefin Mishu

More than 6.5 years of experience in investment banking and financial product development. Founded two startups. Key Skills: Financial Research, Financial Product Innovation and Development, Investment Analysis and Fundraising, Entrepreneurship. Ever enthusiastic for innovation.

Charlie Edge

Ron Islam

Believes in the idea of exchanging knowledge through collaborative approach and committed to make things happen. Co-Founder and CEO of inveitco, a management and technology consulting firm. More than 10 years experience in IT project management.

Business model

Target customer

Frequent travelers around the world, specially at tourist zones

Customer acquisition strategy

Promotion and persuasion through agent channel

Revenue model

1. FYPTO will charge commission on all transfer from FYPTO to Paypal, E-wallets and bank accounts.

2. Commission on exchange with other travelers.

3. Commission sharing for redeem/convert leftover currency to e-credit, discount, vouchers.

4. Interest income from reserve of different foreign currencies.

5. Cross Sale Commission: FYPTO may increase footfall at airport shops. In future this may lead to cross sale commission from airport retailers.

Market info

Market size

$ 60,000,000,000




1. Lack of Convenience: Kiosks model at airport is extremely difficult to find a kiosk.

2. Capital Intensive: High cost of kiosk production, maintenance, security and airport rental.

3. Narrow range of Options: TBX has narrow range of options for leftover currencies in Changi airport.

4. Takes too long time to redeem leftover currencies. PayPal transfer usually takes two days.

FOUREX drawbacks:

1. Booths limited to London only.

Startup traction

Positive review from frequent travelers and who face leftover currency problem

A survey that validates 80% people feel and face this problem

Other information

Selected in top 30 in FinLab accelerator backed by UOB bank.

Selected in top 20 FinNext capital accelerator in Malaysia.

Publication date: 29 November 2017