Discover experiences & like-minded communities.
Startup name
Founding date
January 2016
Total team member
Startup stage
Consumer, Software
Mobile, Events, Tourism, Travel, Marketplace, Internet
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android), Desktop
Amman, Amman Governorate, Jordan

Elevator pitch

Friendture app is a tailored tour guide for expats and travelers to discover experiences and meet like-minded communities while traveling, based on their location & interests. Group travelers and friends can benefit from our dynamic management tools, to create & plan their own experiences, engage with each other through a chat system and photo sharing hub, set budgets and split costs.


Rola Fayyad

She previously co-founded MICEit, a one-stop shop solution for bookings and RFP’s related to corporate events and travellers. Rola was selected top 10 innovative startups in the Gulf region, by Hadafi, and followed to be their ambassador. She serves as a founding member for Girls in Tech –Jordan

Business model

Target customer

MENA region local and incoming travelers

Customer acquisition strategy

Digital marketing, social ambassadors and strategic partnerships.

Revenue model

Free for users
Experiences Marketplace
Sponsored Ads
Data Mining

Market info

Market size

$ 590,000,000,000



Friendture isn't another social travel a, it's a solution for users genuinely experience countries jewels based on their interest & location, using our proprietary algorithms. It offers one hub, for every possible requirement needed when traveling, including our unique group traveling tools . We are completely free, and localized to fit the MENA region with a first mover advantage, and scale to a global app in our medium term plans.


  • 0 Investment

Startup traction

- 1100 monthly beta users organically, with a 5% month over month increase.
- Raised $ 230,000 to date, for only 8.5 equity.
- Challenge 22 winners, friendture will be a travel app for World Cup 2022.
- 5 strategic partnerships in Jordan and Qatar, including FIFA.
- 4000+ experiences in Jordan, Qatar, Palestine and Egypt with a 10% week over week increase.
- Over 10,000 organic followers on social platforms.

Other information

- Grants
1. 3 Donors in Jordan $ 80k
2. Challenge 22 - $115 K
3. Pipeline consist of $ 130K in grants for 2018

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Our current team are 6, remaining 2 is a designer intern and tech consultant.
We are currently increasing our tech workforce to hire 3 more developers, and 1 UX/UI.

Publication date: 15 February 2018