Reduce response time and cost in Emergency sitting
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Founding date
November 2017
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Hardware, Software
Communications & media, Social entrepreneurship & Impact
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Mobile/Tablet (Android), Server software (ie, databases)
Irbid, Irbid, Jordan

Elevator pitch

EmicTric is developing mini-Telecommunication infrastructure for the emergency settings. to provide more accurate data for the humanitarian aid service provider. in order to reduce both the response time and response cost.

Emictric is unique as it includes the affected population in the decision-making process, implementation plan also, it provides real-time data sharing with the HQ.


Bara Whbeh

Bara has undergrade in engineering and a master degree in environmental scince. In the last 4 years he volunteered helping refugees around the middle east. Lately he has joind MSF. He works as a public health officer at the moment.

Sophia Tan

Medical Doctor, Holds a Master's degree in Public Health. Most recently worked with UNHCR in Jordan.

Business model

Target customer

UN agencies, Non Governmental Organisation

Customer acquisition strategy


Revenue model

1-Project Subscription Fees - unlimited number of Beneficiaries and Operators. Subscription fees should not exceed 3-5% of the response plan budget.
2-Leasing the Wireless Mobile Kit to the Humanitarian aid organization.

Market info

Market size

$ 50,000,000,000



1-Pen and paper
2-Digital Forms- Survey Moneky, Not easy to analyze data (each party create his own template) no standardized forms exist, Data privacy and confidentially, these forms works within one organization only.
3- Specific platforms ; ONA, Kobotool box : open source, no standard template, No data confidentially or privacy as all data are being shared on Kobotool box server. (not designed for the end user), Design only for the humanitarian aid worker not for the affected population

Startup traction

No Traction yet,
will send an update in a month time

Publication date: 06 April 2018