Daira Tech

IoT company focused on tracking & safety
Startup name
Daira Tech
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Founding date
January 2014
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Startup stage
Hardware, Software
Industrial internet & IoT, Mobile, Wearable technology
Product usage or interact
Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android), Hardware-wearable
Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Elevator pitch

Daira focuses on problems it can solve using in-house IoT hardware and its proprietary platform. Currently Daira is working with solutions revolving around safety, tracking, navigation, spatial awareness, safety, access control & e-commerce.
The first use case Daira is focusing on is Hajj and pilgrim tracking, navigation and security at Hajj/Umrah.


Moeez Qadri

I am leading the marketing and sales team at Daira Tech. A number of startups and large brands have benefited from my experience. I have consulted with brands such as Telenor Pakistan on their digital marketing strategy. I have been able to execute a number of successful marketing campaigns.

Arif Qadir

An experienced entrepreneur & product manager with intimate knowledge and understanding of the software & media industry, having worked with many prominent tech startups. Key strengths include, strong techno-commercial analytic capability; refined resource & product management skills

Hasam Ahmed Khan

Azmat Bilal

Business model

Target customer

Hajj Ministries & Travel Consultants

Customer acquisition strategy

B2B sales

Revenue model

We plan on selling a 360 solution for tracking and navigation at Hajj/Umrah. Our revenue streams include:

1) Hardware sales
2) IoT Platform license sales
3) Whitelist of app and portals for use of IoT technology

Market info

Market size

$ 100,000,000


At Hajj and Umrah there is no real competition as of yet. There are a few fragmented efforts underway to track pilgrims but we still have not seen any real competition for a similar solution. There are some people selling cheap Chinese tracking hardware, however they are still very small and have not been able to make any impact on the market. These solutions were not devised for Hajj/Umrah so a lot of functionality is essential, is missing.


  • 1 Hardware integration with IoT Platform
  • 2 IoT Platform ready for beta launch
  • 3 Beta Launch at Hajj 2017
  • 4 Launch before Hajj 2018

Startup traction

We have had interest from a number of Telcos, Travel Consultants and Hajj Ministries. We have MoUs with some organizations as well. However, we are still in beta status and are yet to open our pre-orders to public. We will be doing a public launch before Hajj 2018.

Other information

Top ten at StartUp Istanbul 2015
Acceleration at Oasis 500, Jordan
Incubation at Plan 9, Lahore

Publication date: 03 September 2017