Mobile ecosystem to detect/share/store ECG/BP
Startup name
Founding date
May 2016
Total team member
Startup stage
Hardware, Software
Health & wellbeing, Industrial internet & IoT, Med tech & pharma
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (Android), Hardware-wearable
Minsk, Minsk City, Belarus

Elevator pitch

Smart cardio: customized for multi or individual use, medically accurate detects abnormalities in ECG&BP, interact with caregivers

Smart home: define personalized predictors and medical scenarios, stores, and exchanges data

Smart energy: renewable, consumes bioenergy, and 100% of autonomy


Andrei Dusmikeev

Entrepreneur, Mathematician, National Expert of solar energy use of the UNDP Belarus I was a military engineer, now I am a solar engineer. I`m 55 years old, I have 3 children, the youngest of whom is only 5 years old. His name is Marat, he too will become an engineer and a mathematician ))

Stanislav Lensu

Marketing for Coremergy, Medical doctor – cardiologist and candidate of science, experienced in marketing and sales in countries of CIS & Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia during his work for Sanofi (pharma business) and Johnson&Johnson (medical device business)

Olga Chadina

Channel strategy execution, business development, brand management, Product Life Cycle Management, launches and Re-launches, tender management, all Regulatory activity (registration, renewal, additional sites registration, update of Labeling, safety updates, etc), regulatory support for Clinical tri

Ilya Khrushch

Electrical engineering: Development of automation systems, electrical drives, calculation of equipment for solar plants, selection and calculation of the equipment for autonomous systems of power supply, basic knowledge of microprocessor technology and the development of microprocessor-based systems

Business model

Target customer

People above 35 who concern about their and their relatives health

Customer acquisition strategy

B2B Model: sales to regional partners who sell to end-users (B2C).

Revenue model

Sales of cardiomonitor devices.
1. Sales – bulk delivery of Coremergy cardiomonitor devices to regional partners
2. Online sales of Coremergy cardio monitor devices via landing page and specialized trading platforms for users
Data service
1. SaaS – data administration model of ECG and other parameters in a personal data cloud.
2. Sales of impersonal processed medical data to aggregator companies and study preparation.
In 2018 we are planning to get $600th. And by 2020 $3m per year.

Market info

Market size

$ 240,000,000



Coremergy vs AliveCor
- is for people above 35, who care about heart health w / without CVD episodes when Alivecor is for elder and ill patients with AF episodes
- secure transmits signal when Alivecor transmission is vulnerable for any external unwanted sound signal
- easy aligns with Smart home system, when Alivecor needs support of smartphone

Startup traction

We have already started working on our Project. The start of the project development was in the second quarter 2016.
In the second quarter 2017 we launched applicative MVP: 2 prototypes of a cardiac monitor.
And in the fourth quarter 2017 we produced cloud service and pre-production prototype development and produced 100 devices. Now we are testing our 100 diveces on 1 thousand people. We are planning to do ECG verification.

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Coremergy – SmartHomeCardio – home cardio center for ECG and Blood pressure control.
• It is customized for individuals as well as for multiusers
• provides medically accurate ECG and blood pressure measurement
• identifies instantly heart rhythm abnormalities (up to 6 threatening types)
• and threatening level of BP
• due to AI, it defines predictors of heat risks, CVD recurrence or its complications via analysis of collected heart performance data in a correlation with external influencing factors, family history, diet, and life style providing Connected Care
• helps to manage day-by-day life under the heart health needs
• elaborates personalized scenarios of medical home, reminders about ECG or BP control, blood test, medicine intake or calling ambulance in emergency
• consolidates and stores personalized heart data

Publication date: 06 March 2018