Codela automates technical screening of developers
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Founding date
February 2017
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Enterprise software
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Istanbul, Turkey

Elevator pitch

Technical screening of software engineers is a long process which requires technical knowledge. Codela is a cloud based platform automating the screening process without any need for technical skills. By offering unique challenges for the open position and automatically grading submissions, the cloud based screening platform eliminates the need for technical knowledge and streamlines the screening


Ebru Turun

Ex-management consultant who took roles in many projects in diverse industries and functions both in Middle Eastern countries and Turkey. At Codela, manages sales and operations.

Murat Sütunç

Murat worked on Microsoft for 4 years, specializing on programming languages and web technologies. He has domain expertise on code quality and building systems.

Business model

Target customer

Developer recruiters with or without technical background

Customer acquisition strategy

We acquired our existing customers with a direct sales strategy

Revenue model

Customers select a Codela package based on their annual assessment volume. We basically charge for each candidate assessed.

Market info

Market size

$ 1,400,000,000



According to Rocket-Hire total talent assessment market is around $3.4bn. Our target, Pre-talent assessment, market gets app. 40% of the total which is ~$1.4bn.

Our main direct competitors are Codility and Hackerrank. Codility follows a very technical approach targeting the users with technical background while Hackerrank focuses on position based tests.

Traditional and conventional coding interviews such as whiteboard or paper-pen based coding is Codela's indirect competitors.


  • 1,200 # Assessments Completed
  • 1,473 #Assessments Sent

Startup traction

The number of assessments is our key metric. Retention will be another metric we keep the track of but we work with annual contracts so we do not have an expired contract.

Other information

KWorks Acceleration Program
Y Combinator Startup School Graduate

Publication date: 02 October 2017