Bildironi is a Search Engine of Discounts.
Startup name
Web address
Founding date
October 2016
Total team member
Startup stage
Product usage or interact
Mobile/Tablet (Android)
Istanbul, Turkey

Elevator pitch

Bildironi is a search engine which users can find discounted products. Even If a user searches a discounted product that doesn't even exist on sale, they can get information about it when it is on sale. Because Bildironi offers a chance to its users to mark a product which the user want to buy. Thanks to this choice, users only get information about spesific products that interested.


Resul Ekrem Çoban

I am a computer engineer, and I have been working on my project for 8 months. In addition, I am the person who solves difficult problems at the hard time.

Business model

Target customer

People who want to buy discounted products and can wait for this.

Customer acquisition strategy

Offering spesific information to our users without any advertisement.

Revenue model

Our Revenue model has 4 steps.
1. Selling data about demand to big stores like media markt.
2. A special advertisement system for every person by using user based collaboration.
3. Selling data to small stores. This data is different because they give lots of information about how many customers are there and what they want to buy.
4. Paying system to get address information. Users don't know small stores' addresses. They can reach the address information when they pay a little amount to us.

Market info

Market size

$ 10,000,000,000



Our competitors are different from us because they serve only brochure information to their users. e-broşür is working only Turkey market, but tiendeo is working in 34 countries. In addition, Tiendeo is growing for the last 2 years, but it only gives brochure pictures to their users. This event is boring for lots of users because they have to check brochures every week.


  • 0 For Only Turkey Market and 3 years
  • 0 For 34 country markets and 5 years

Startup traction

We are serving spesific information about discounted products, and thanks to the event, our user can find what they want to buy easily. Moreover, they dont have to check discounted products or something else every time because Bildironi is scanning all products if they are on sale or not. Furthermore, Bildironi sends a spesific notification to its each user, these notifications are special for each user and they are created by the system.
Special notification for every user cannot be served by competitors because competitors don't have information about each their users want to buy.
As a result, other companies cannot serve special information for every user. We are planning to process this information.

Other information

Only for Turkey market.

Publication date: 04 May 2018