Big Immersive

Immersive Media Publisher along with in-house IPs
Startup name
Big Immersive
Founding date
September 2016
Total team member
Startup stage
Paying users
Enterprise, Consumer
Gaming, Virtual reality
Product usage or interact
Desktop, Mobile/Tablet (iOS), Mobile/Tablet (Android), Hardware-non-wearable
Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Elevator pitch

Our pitch is against $70 Billion already invested by Samsung, Microsoft, Google, HTC, Facebook and finally Apple, in AR/VR market (which is scheduled to be $190B by 2020). Publishers are not jumping in due to lack of userbase for now, while developers are hesitant to invest resourcing.

A Publisher focusing solely on VR/AR, is current need to fill the gap, as there's no EA, Oracle or Paramount.


Azeemi Ar

Business Data Analysis and Strategic Market Planning, my two core skills, helping me all along in Digital & Social Media Marketing, Branding and Game Production, and now Immersive Media Publishing

Business model

Target customer

Everyone using a Mobile, Computing or Entertainment device/software

Customer acquisition strategy

Creating effective PR and Marketing chain for VR publishing, IP

Revenue model

- In-house product pipeline including Games, Business Apps, Movies
- Publishing VR/AR from quality content, software producers around the globe, in all global markets
- IP collaboration, purchase for market shaping content, software and technologies

Market info

Market size

$ 1,900,000,000


We're the first, and till date, the only VR/AR focused publisher in the market.


  • 0 IP Generation
  • 0 IP Acquisition
  • 0 IP Publishing

Startup traction

Generate, acquire and publish original IPs in VR/AR entertainment, software and business industries. We're planning to create 18 original titles, including 2 AAA ones by 2020. (backed by three company owned studios who has already produced/published 3 in 2016-17 with 4 in pipeline).

Other information

Announced as first immersive media publisher (along with in-house dev teams)

Daydream, Oculus Rift, PSVR, Steam, Samsung GearVR, Viveport, Pico

Product line:
Agelore’s Fantasy: (A Fantasy FPS)
- Featured in Daydream Store
- Featured as Best Daydream Game Experiences
( )
- Featured on GearVR Store Home

Love Cubed: (An arcade story-based smasher)
- Featured on Oculus Store Home
- Featured in Oculus Summer Sale

- A collaborative discussion is ongoing, to first Livestream UFC (which is owned by WME) and then creating UFC’s virtual league arenas all around the globe

Skybound Interactive:
- Creators/owners of The Walking Dead (Comic, Series & Games)
- In conversation for a collaboration on The Walking Dead VR game with us

Sound of Games

Publication date: 02 February 2018