Atlan Space

AI to Make Drones Smarter & Truly Unmanned

ATLAN Space develops proprietary technology based on Artificial Intelligence to make Drones Smarter and truly Unmanned, performing Very Large Areas' Surveillance in Emerging Market. The first use case of our technology is illegal fishing in West Africa where the region loses $1.4 Billion and 300 000 jobs. Illegal Fishing is also worldwide problem, caused by countries incapacity to monitor Oceans.


Badr Idrissi

With more than 12 years of international experience, holding different Sales, Marketing and Technical Positions, Badr was till December 2015, a Senior Account Executive in Microsoft. He holds an MBA from ENPC Business Schools in Paris, and a Telecom Engineering Degree from ENSA in Morocco.

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Last Update: 08.10.2017